What I’ve Been Doing

During the past several months I have done very little but work, very hard.  We have several cases that are rapidly progressing to Trial, and my job demands a lot of my time.  I really do enjoy the job though, and am very thankful I took the chance to change employment last year.  It was scary in the beginning, but now looking back I know I did the right thing.  I only wonder if I should have done it sooner. 

As far as knitting, I’ve made a ton of hats this year.  I think I’ve been putting off knitting larger things for fear of failure.  Ringbloomst (my Dale of Norway) is all but finished.  I need to steek it, sew it, and finish the neck.  I keep thinking each weekend, that that will be the weekend I do the work, but then something gets in the way.  Considering the warmth of the wool, it’ll be a while before I can wear it, even if the Farmer’s Alamanc is correct and this year will be colder and higher snow fall then previous years.

The Best Kind of Elephant is Pink
The Best Kind of Elephant is Pink

Other then hats, I also got a strong urge to knit a stuffed animal.  So knit a stuffed animal I did.  This is a friend of mine’s daughter, who loves anything and everything pink.  She was very pleased to receive a big pink elephant.  Although when its tailed fell off in the middle of the night, and she woke up in hysterics, I’m not sure her mom was happy about the pink elephant.

Another think of note that has not happened this year, is yarn purchases.  True!  I have only purchased 6 skeins of yarn this entire year.  4 for a camo hat for Nick and his friend, and 2 for a scarf I’m gingerly working on for boss’ day.  Can you believe I’ve gone nearly a year without buying yarn! I don’t think I can.
Currently I’m working on a sweater for myself from Inspired Cable Knits by Fiona Ellis.  I’m making “Gathering Intentions”.  I have the body finished and have started working on the first sleeve.  Amazingly, I think this sweater may actually fit.  But we’ll wait to hold judgment until the sleeves are actually done. I haven’t had the best of success these late days with fitted items.
So that is the rundown on what I’ve been doing and haven’t been doing.  The kids are all fine.  You’ll note the picture of the boys up at the top of my blog.  Basil is also doing well.  Although he has become obsessed with staying in his cage and doesn’t like to come out for family time much.  But hopefully soon, when it gets dark earlier in the evening, he’ll decide that the living room is much more exciting then his bedroom.
Toodle Pip

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7 Responses to What I’ve Been Doing

  1. CatMyers says:

    What a beautiful elephant! It’s a nice size too. Sorry about the tail tragedy. Poor thing! Did you find the pattern in a book?

  2. Lynette says:

    Adorable elephant! I am in the pink camp too. My yarn purchases have also fallen off, but when I buy, I buy plenty so they cancel each other out. How old is Basil now?

  3. Agnes says:

    This is great great great to have you back! Gathering Intentions is an enjoyable project … and I am keeping my fingers crossed that yours would fit!

  4. Samantha says:

    It’s so good to have you back to read, Rebekah! You are absolutely right, the knitting, writing, and crafting is for you and you alone. Enjoy it and don’t worry about us. 🙂

    The elephant is adorable. I have Fiona Ellis’ Inspired Cables book too, but I’ve not knit anything from it yet. One day! LOL

  5. Chris says:

    The elephant is great – were you able to perform an emergency tail re-attachment?? And yay for not buying yarn! I find I do pretty well not buying it if I don’t tell myself (and declare to the internets) that I’m on a yarn diet. 🙂

  6. Robin says:

    The elephant is so cute and she looks VERY happy with it.

  7. Sonya says:

    I’m so glad you’re blogging again! The elephant is adorable and it looks like he will be well-loved. I’m looking forward to seeing your Fiona Ellis sweater. I really like that book.

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