I Wish I Had a Kangaroo’s Arms

Currently I am knitting away on two main projects.  1) sweater Gathering Intentions and 2) a pair of gloves from Selbuvotter.  Mainly though I’m working on the sweater.  I knit the sweater in the round, I really don’t like sewing seams.  I finished the body, all but the turtleneck, and am steadily working away on sleeve 1.  Nick looked at me today and said, “Wow, you are really making progress quickly on that second sleeve.”  No, it is the first sleeve.  It seems to never end.  Ever.  The worst part is, I still have another sleeve.  But I trudge on as I would like to have a new sweater I created for winter. 

Kangaroos are fortunate, their arms are disproportinately small to their bodies.  Plus, they don’t have to carry purses, they have a built in pouch.  I really wish I was a kangaroo.  Oh, and lets not forget their cool tennis shoes with zippers and velcro pouches to keep their milk money.  Yes, kangaroos are very fortunate animals.  Plus they live in Austrailia, which is near New Zealand, and that is where all the cool sheep live.  I bet there may be kangaroos in New Zealand. 

Since I am not a kanagaroo I trudge forth, thinking of the day when the sleeves will be done, my sweater will be put together and I can either start some hats, mittens, or that cool Mitered Square Felted Purse from Interweave’s Felt magazine.  Designed by none other then Kristi! 

Wiggly Dog Not Wiggling

Wiggly Dog Not Wiggling

I was in a mitten mood until I saw that purse, and I really could use a new purse for winter.  There is always time to knit mittens. 

But we will see, the one thing I learned during my haitus was that I’m happier when I knit what I want, when I want, and don’t put internal or external pressures to knit certain things at certain times. 

That is of course if this wiggly beast will let me knit, he does insist on sitting on me at nearly all times that I am sitting and does not appreciate knitting as the yarn tickles him. 

Well I suppose since I am not a kangaroo, I should get back to that sleeve, the first sleeve.


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6 Responses to I Wish I Had a Kangaroo’s Arms

  1. Carrie K says:

    If you were a kangaroo you could hop and box too. That’d be cool 🙂

    Isn’t that felted purse Kristi made cool? I think I’m going to teach Leti to knit with it. While I have her trapped on vacation. 🙂

    Wow, a still picture of Django. He doesn’t even look drugged. Here’s to quick finishes to long sleeves! Which Selbuvotter mitten are you making?

  2. Chris says:

    As someone who is knitting sleeves right now, you have my complete sympathy.

  3. Jeanne says:

    I have a sweater in my basket that has one sleeve done – and I just can’t bring myself to do the second sleeve – and its been months! Hope you finish yours faster than I’m doing!

  4. Debby says:

    I’m so glad to see you blogging again. I miss hearing about you and your furry family (and Nick too!). Happy Knitting and don’t put pressure on yourself!!

  5. CatMyers says:

    I’m finishing up the first of two HUGE black socks. Well, I’m close to finishing it, still have a ways to go before the toe, but the second sock syndrome lurks… Django is such a beautiful boy. Love his “eyeliner.” Daisy had that too. 🙂

  6. Sonya says:

    Django sitting still! How rare. What cosmic thing happens that makes sleeves take forever to knit? I don’t know, but I wish it would stop it. It would be very cool to be a kangaroo. I think all our sweaters would need to be A-shaped though.

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