Catalogs Should Be Banned

On Thursday, one of the only nights I came home on time this week, I arrived to find my new Knit Picks catalog.  I admit it, I’m a fan of knit picks.  I can afford their yarn much better then say Rowan, although I will admit I’m not a fan of using their yarn for felting. I find it fuzzes quite dramatically.  In the new Knit Picks catalog was something I just have to have.  The Andean Chullo Hat Kit.  Each year I intend to make my niece, in Alaska, a hat.  And when I saw that hat, so brightly colored and with earflaps I knew it had to be the one I make for her this year.  So Friday I intended to order it, and even pay for fast shipping because lets face it, its October and its already cold in Alaska.  ITS NOT AVAILABLE YET!  Why put something in your catalog when it is even available yet to purchase!  I was infuriated, okay I was annoyed, and fortunately I see they at least have it listed now when it will be available, which will be Monday. 

While I was there, I browsed other kits and think I want to knit the laptop bag and the cool purse in Palette.  But I’d better get busy on the second sleeve to my Gathering Intentions sweater so I can justify starting all these new projects. 

Basil Stole My Heart

Basil Stole My Heart

I realized I hadn’t shown sweet Basil on this blog yet.  Poor Basil, he’s the old pet that isn’t fresh in our minds,  plus he doesn’t do many new things any more to take pictures of.

This was taken 9 years ago, he was really still a baby bird.  Only a few months old, when he’d still let me do things like put hats on him.  If I tried to put a hat on him now he’d probably try to bite my finger off!

Well I’d better get back to making the rest of these face cloths so I can get back to my sleeve, so I can be ready to start knitting on the hat when it comes.


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10 Responses to Catalogs Should Be Banned

  1. Agnes says:

    I am very interested in their Palette version of Autumn Rose …

  2. Jennifer says:

    Knitpicks is evil. I have a hard time resisting that catalog’s charms alone as well.

  3. Li_B says:

    And those packs of Palette in irresistable colours… I’d buy them all if I could.

  4. Angel says:

    I saw the hat too and went to buy it, but was also annoyed to find that it wasn’t in stock yet.

    I also fell in love with their “Mineral” colorway of Autumn Rose– I have always loved the sweater but was afraid to knit it in the original colors since they were so muted (not to mention expensive) and muted colors tend to make me look washed out. So I went to buy the color pack and 2 of the colors are out of stock and will be out of stock until late November!!! Arghhh. So I bought the pattern since the book was on sale, but yeah, I’m feeling annoyed at Knitpicks too for dangling lovely yarn in my face and not delivering on it…

    And yeah I will be at Coe College in Cedar Rapids for the conference, and will be staying at the Marriott in town. It is going to be a super-brief trip but I am looking forward to it- it will be nice to get out of Ohio for the weekend.

  5. Sonya says:

    That hat caught my eye too. Basil is such a cutie. Very stylish too!

  6. Sydney says:

    I love catalogs, even when I don’t order anything from them. I kind of miss the days before the Internet when I would get lots of mail order catalogs. Maybe KnitPicks had hoped the kit would be ready before the catalog came out. I love that photo of Basil! Too bad he won’t wear a hat now. He looks dapper in it.

  7. Chris says:

    Hi, Basil!

    Heh, I really try not to look at catalogs – best not to give temptation too much help. 🙂

  8. CatMyers says:

    I want to make that hat too! Adorable pic of “Baby Basil.” 🙂

  9. Carrie K says:

    Basil! stunning top hat.

    I try not to look at catalogs myself but I would have been SO MAD if I’d tried to order that Chullo! Which I was eyeing myself even if I’ve already found a pattern in an old Vogue.

  10. Debby says:

    Maybe KP put the info in the catalog, told by a supplier it would be ready by a certain date, and then that company didn’t get the kits ready on time. If the catalog was already at the press, there was nothing they could do. It happens in my day job more than I like to think.

    Basil is such a cutie — he doesn’t need any tricks to impress us. Just his sweet self! May I ask what kind of bird he is, and his life expectancy? I know parrots can live 70+ years but I am not familiar with the type of bird that Basil is.

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