Alpaca Chullo Hat and Selbuvotter Gloves

Alpaca Chullo Hat For Cora

Alpaca Chullo Hat For Cora

The one good thing about having lots of projects on the needles, is at some point they all get to the point where they are quickly finished.  This long weekend I finished my Selbuvotter Gloves Annemor #8 and put the finishing touches on the Alpaca Chullo Hat.  Lets start with the hat, the story is a bit more interesting.

Originally I was going to knit the hat then sew a fleece lining for the hat.  The problem with this theory is that 1) I really don’t sew, and 2) sewing the lining would have entailed getting out the sewing machine which would have entailed cleaning off the area to put the sewing machine, which would have required hours and hours of work.  I was not up to this task.  I am a very great procrastinator.  So I couldn’t decide what to do, the hat needed a lining for extra warmth, after all my niece lives in Alaska.  But sewing a lining with my horrible sewing skills didn’t seem like a good idea, especially after the Ringbloomst disaster.  So last Saturday on my way to The Weaving Department an idea popped into my head, what if I bought a fleece hat to sew in as the lining, this way the only sewing would be to attach the two hats together, but could I find a hat that fits within the knit hat. I stopped at Walmart and two minutes later had a hat that fit absolutely perfectly as the lining for the chullo hat.  So this weekend I sewed in the lining, decided on pompoms instead of tassels and finished the hat.  Tomorrow its going in the mail to my niece in Alaska. 

I think the pompoms add a nice touch especially for a seven year old. 

Next up is the Selbuvotter Gloves.  I started these litterally July 2007 or August 2007.  They are finally done.  I finished them up on Friday.

Annemor #8

Annemor #8

Mostly I knit on these over lunches at work, before I took up walking.  I really wanted them ready for the cold weather coming this weekend for the drive too and from work, so with a few hours work I finished the fingers on the last glove and they are done.

I used Knit Picks Essential Sock Yarn, and only 1 skein of each color, actually probably about only a half of a skein each, so these gloves cost me less then $4.  What a bargain!   I look forward to making more mittens from this book, this will be my second pair, but I love a lot of the patterns.

Next up in addition to the afghan I am starting a pair of mittens that came in a kit.  I’m knitting My Home Spruce by Riihivilla.  She makes mitten kits with yarn from Fiinsheep wool and the yarn is hand-dyed with plants and mushrooms and naturual colors of sheep.  Someone was knitting a pair of these mittens last year and I fell in love, and ordered 3 kits.  I’m finally making a pair, as I do love wearing mittens.  Plus they’ll go well with a coat I’m ordering for a trip I’m taking, which I’ll tell you about next post.


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13 Responses to Alpaca Chullo Hat and Selbuvotter Gloves

  1. Chris says:

    Clever idea re: the hat lining! Those gloves are really, really cool.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Wonderful FO’s! I love the hat, and am sure she will too.

  3. Agnes says:

    The gloves are beautiful! I like the colour combination.

  4. Kat says:

    What a good idea for lining a hat. Love the gloves.

  5. Angel says:

    The hat idea is totally clever- and it is a very very pretty hat too!!!

    And the gloves look great- you are just the fair-isle queen these days eh?

  6. Sydney says:

    That’s such a cute hat, and a great idea to buy a hat to fit inside! Nice gloves too!

  7. Debby says:

    What a great idea you had, to line your hat painlessly. I’m sure your niece will love it. The gloves are gorgeous too — you must be inspired by all these great FOs to start more kits!

  8. CatMyers says:

    Beautiful! What a fabulous idea you came up with for the lining of the chullo! Great job, Rebekah!

  9. Jessica says:

    The hat looks FANTASTIC. I’m almost done with mine, and have been scouring blogs to see if anyone else has made it! Great job, and clever idea for the lining. (beautiful mittens too)

  10. Carrie K says:

    That is a clever idea to line the hat like that! It’s really darling, your niece is going to love it. And if she doesn’t, I want it. 🙂

    Beautiful mittens!

  11. Sonya says:

    You’ve been busy! Your niece is going to love that hat, and I bet she’ll appreciate the lining too. Great idea. I love your gloves. I’ve never tried gloves; too intimidated by all those fingers.

  12. Sarah Katie says:

    That hat is adorable. Cora will love it. She is our silly hat girl.

  13. marta says:

    Congratulation on your Chullo. It turned out beautifully. Now i need to knit one but knitpicks doesn’ t ship to spain. Would anyone be interested in shipping it to me? I can pay for it and have it sent to an Us address. I would pay with paypal shipping cost to Madrid Spain or I can buy something from knitpicks that you want. Please contact me at msjclothdoll at yahoo dot com Thanks

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