Gracie is Done!

I don’t think I’ve ever even shown anyone a picture of Gracie.  But she’s done.  Gracie is a shawl from Stahlman’s Shawls and Scarves. 



I knit Gracie with Silky Wool, in a beautiful green.  Its a Lavold yarn and its yummy.  Last year when Webs was having an incredible sale, oh wait, I guess that was 2 years ago, I bought a ton more in a variety of colors.  I look forward to knitting with it.  I wore it today and its very warm, and is very large.  As  you can see, its draped across the back of my couch and reaches from end to end.

I know everyone always wants to see a modeling shot, so here you go. 

Modeling Gracie

Modeling Gracie

Although getting a modeling shot of this shawl was not easy.  In fact it turned into quite the wrestling match.

In other news, I’ve ordered all the yarn for the anniversary presents.img_0216

I ended up going with cone yarn, mercanized cotton, color alabaster, from Webs for the bedspread and tablecloth. 

For the afghan for my sister I ended up purchasing Cascade Sierra.  Its 80% cotton and 20% wool.  I purchased this for 2 reasons 1) it was on clearance at Webs and so it ended up being less money per skein then Encore which is what I had decided on.  2) Its a washable yarn so the easy to care for aspect was taken care of.  And had my sister go and pick out what color, and she loved a color called maple Orange.  I’m a little nervous about a cotton yarn and this pattern, but I hope it’ll turn out okay, most cotton blankets are a bit cleaner and crisper styled, but we’ll see, I’m sure it’ll work out lovely.  And I ended up with a much nicer yarn for less money!

Since Basil rarely makes an appearance on this blog, I thought I’d show you a picture of him with me.  so you can see what a cuddly bird he indeed is. 

Snuggly Basil

Snuggly Basil

As you can see he loves to get up really close to my face and snuggle, he also likes to hide and play in my hair.  He went to the vet yesterday to get his wings clipped, and he was charming all the girls.  He’s such a ladies man.

I also ordered from webs some Addi Lace Needles in Size 00 for my mother’s tablecloth.  I’m so excited about this particular project, I really want to make it my masterpiece.  I’ve never done anything quite so delicate.  I’m also excited about the bedspread, but a little daunted by it as well since its soooo huge.  I ordered 11,400 yards of yarn for it! 

Ay yi yi!  Well hope you have a had a good weekend, I’m off to go back to knitting my Mitered Diamond Felted Bag.  I’m hoping to have it done for my trip in 2 weeks.


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12 Responses to Gracie is Done!

  1. Agnes says:

    Very nice! It’s always a great feeling having completed a project, right?
    I love this photo of Basil … as you said, he is such a cuddly little bird!

  2. Alison says:

    Gracie is beautiful!

    Good luck on all the anniversary gifts. I just have to add that I love Webs’ sales. I’ve gotten some beautiful yarn through them.

  3. Carrie K says:

    Grace is beautiful! Silky Wool is such a nice yarn to work with. It really shows up the patterning.

    Size 00 needles? For a tablecloth? It’s going to be gorgeous but between that and the bedspread and the afghan, you’ve got a lot of knitting on your plate!

    All set for your vacation? It sounds like so much fun.

  4. Sydney says:

    Beautiful shawl!

    Cotton wool should be a good yarn for the afghan -all natural fibers but washable.

    It’s good to see sweet Basil again.

  5. Chris says:

    Oh, Gracie is absolutely gorgeous! Although not as handsome as Basil, of course.

  6. Jennifer says:

    The Cascade Sierra is going to make a wonderful bedspread! It’s one of my favorite cotton blend yarns.

  7. Sonya says:

    That is just a gorgeous shawl!! I love those Webs sales. I just got some Dive that was on close-out, over 50% off. I’ll be interested to hear how you like the Cascade Sierra.

  8. Sarah Katie says:

    I can’t believe your trip is only two weeks away. That shawl is really pretty. There are several things in the Winter 2008 Interweave issue that I want to knit. I just don’t know what yarn to substitute with that will be cheaper. The Manchester Jacket is really cute and uses an Alpaca blend. There is a turtle neck that I really like called the Welt and Rib Raglan that calls for a merino/silk blend. I guess I will be searching knit picks for something close.

  9. Samantha says:

    Gracie is simply stunning. Well done Rebekah! 🙂 I have no patients for stuff like that.

  10. Gracie is gorgeous! I wish I had lace weight knitting mojo…

  11. monica says:

    Gracie is lovely! Abner and Django were just showing you how much they love it too.

  12. Robin says:

    So good to see Basil! I love Gracie! My favorite color — hands-down, love it above no other — GREEN!!!!!!!!!!

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