Story of the Knitting Monkeys

The First Stitch

The First Stitch

Once upon a time there was a little girl who watched her Aunt, who was visiting her in Alaska, knit.  She was amazed and intrigued by the motions and the process of creation.  Before long she asked her Aunt to teach her how to knit.  So they went shopping.  First they went together to Michael’s and found a little kit to knit a teddy bear, and a knitting machine.  Then that afternoon they went to the Inua Wool Shop (which is a post all in its own) and picked out some special needles and yarn.  That night we made our first stitches. 

It was rather successful, the little girl, barely 7, took to knitting like a duck takes to water.  Well after about a day of practicing.  In fact for a whole day we went with out her Nintendo DS as she found the knitting much more magical.

But then her Aunt, who was used to being in the Central time zone and not 3 hours lagging, couldn’t sleep one morning.  And bored, trying to let everyone else sleep, she saw a pair of needles and a beautiful ball of yarn that was purchased at the Inua Wool Shop sitting on the table.  Not being a strong willed individual when it comes to yarn the Aunt couldn’t resist.  She grabbed the needles and the yarn and cast on for a scarf which was intended for her niece’s step-mother.  But then a story had to be born to explain why the yarn had been used.  Thus the story of the knitting monkeys.

1 Day Knitting - Already had to take it to a Restaurant
1 Day Knitting – Already had to take it to a Restaurant

See in the middle of the night the knitting monkeys come into your house and start your projects for you.  That way you can finish them quicker.  You rarely see the knitting monkeys as they are very stealthy, and they don’t come every night, just when someone needs extra help.  Well the story worked at least in the fact she didn’t get upset that her project had been started, and she knit and knit and knit on it.  Over the week her stitches became much more consistent and better and she did very well. 

I just wish I was there to teach her more.  But I checked at the Inua Wool Shop and they do have knitting classes for kids, so this spring if she’s still interested I’m signing her up for some.  If she’s not at least I dispensed a little knowledge to her and one never knows when she’ll take up the interest again, after all she’s only 7.
Between the little girl, her aunt, and the knitting monkeys the scarf was finished and her step-mother proudly wore her new scarf. 
Scarf Done Back to Nintendo
Scarf Done Back to Nintendo

Then the little girl went back to her Nintendo.

And the knitting monkeys vanished into thin air.  Although the little girl truly believes in the knitting monkeys, and hopefully someday will look back on the story as a happy memory of her childhood.
More on the actual trip to Alaska and the lovely Alaskan yarn purchases.  Including Quivit!

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10 Responses to Story of the Knitting Monkeys

  1. Sarah Katie says:

    Well, I heard that my cousin learned how to knit. I never would have bought the whole monkey story though.

  2. CatMyers says:

    How fun! I’m hoping I get to teach my granddaughter soon. Trying to get back home for a visit this month…

  3. Agnes says:

    That’s how the art of knitting is being passed on. You’ve already sown the seed.
    Quivit! I’m sure the trip has been a wonderful one!

  4. Carrie K says:

    I love that picture of her eyeing the needles! Priceles.

    Hey. I don’t need knitting monkeys to start projects, I need them to finish. Know where I can find them?

  5. Kat says:

    Seven is a good time to start needlework, it’s when Mama taught me to crochet. Even if she doesn’t knit continuously from now, the little seed will lay there and sprout later on in her life and she’ll think about you every time she knits, or even sees yarn, or sheep, or alpaca. You gave her the best gift you could have given her.

    Besides our family seems to have a need to create. Mom is the only non-crafter or inventor in the family.

  6. reddogknits says:

    What a great gift to give to a child – and I want the knitting monkey to come to my house…what do I have to do to sign up for a visit? and does he/she babysit?

  7. Chris says:

    What a great story! And I love that first stitch picture.

  8. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- I’m with Carrie- where do we find these monkeys?

  9. Li_B says:

    I think it’s a good age to learn. My mom taught our Brownie troop to knit when we were 6. Worked for me. I wonder how many of us still knit.

  10. Sonya says:

    A knitter is born! I love that first picture.

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