Inua Wool Shop

While in Alaska, one of the highlights of my trip was visiting the Inua Wool Shop.  img_0414 Its an absolutely lovely shop, with lovely people running/working in it.  They have a great selection of sooo many yarns, including Quivit and Alaskan Cashmere.

img_0447For the size of the place I was really impressed with their selection, every inch is filled with lovely goodies, yarn and notions.  In fact they had one of the larges notion/needle selection I’ve ever seen.


I had a lot of fun looking around and making a few select purchases.  Just something I figured I couldn’t go to Alaska and not come home with.  I couldn’t afford enough to do a shawl, but I’ll probably use this quivit to make a nice little scarf or smoke ring.  I also purchased some fiber for my spinning wheel.

Quivit and Buttons with a Musk Ox on Them

Quivit and Buttons with a Musk Ox on Them

We won’t discuss the price. 

Then, I saw the Alaskan Cashmere, its produced on a farm called the Nash Farm in Alaska.  Its laceweight and the most inexpensive cashmere I’ve seen.  Its not cheap, I won’t lie, but it was nothing compared to the price of the Quivit.  So I bought myself a present of some green lace-weight.  Then went back a few days later and purchased two skeins for my sister and two for my niece (Sarah) so they could make a nice cashmere scarf for themselves.  They’ll have to fight over the color each one gets, both the purple and marigold are beautiful. 

Yummy Alaskan Cashmere

Yummy Alaskan Cashmere

I will probably make a shawl or stole out of my green, although looking back I wish I would have gotten a blue they had for me, instead of the green considering Gracie I just knit was in green.  But oh well, I do love green, it is becoming my signature color.

Last but not least here is my other niece (Cora) on her first knitting store trip.

Cora at InuaAnd of course the sales lady adored her hat.

The store also holds knitting classes for kids, the next one is this spring, and the owner is going to contact me when they have them, so if Cora is still interested, I can sign her up for some so she can continue knitting if she chooses to do so.  BUt if not, the yarn will wait.

More on the actual trip to Alaska next posting.


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10 Responses to Inua Wool Shop

  1. Sydney says:

    Well it looks like the Alaska trip was successful for knitting and yarn purchasing. The yarn is beautiful!

  2. Kat says:

    Almost makes me want to go to Alaska.

  3. Chris says:

    It’s a lovely green!!

  4. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- Wow- I would have had to sell a family member to get my hands on some of that quiviut.

  5. Jeanne says:

    Wow – the yarn is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you make!

  6. Sarah Katie says:

    I like the purple. I’m working on a sweater that I plan to finish, so I am pretty proud of myself, and I am actually almost half way done with it. It is knit in the round so that makes it a lot easier, and I hate sewing so it is even better for me.

  7. CatMyers says:

    Way to shop for souvenirs, Rebekah! Your niece looks adorable in her hat. 🙂

  8. Sonya says:

    Looks like a very inviting yarn store. You have to buy souvenirs; it might as well be yarn and fiber!

  9. Carrie K says:

    Wow, awesome! You HAD to buy the souvenir yarn, it’s a rule. The green is really pretty but blue would have been nice too but love the yarn you’re with, I say!

    Cora looks adorable in her hat.

  10. Li_B says:

    I looked up yarn shops in the cities where we will be in Alaska and there are many more than the last time we went. Nice finds. I’ve never touched Quivit. I think I’m afraid to.

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