Dog Sled Ride, Anniversary Project Pictures

Warning this may be a long post, as I’m dying to show you the dog sled ride, and I’m dying to show you the anniversary projects.

First the dog sled ride.  One of the highlights of my trip was to take a dogsled ride with my dad.  It was touristy, it was expensive, but it was sooo worth it.  I’m trying to do another post with an actual video, hopefully it’ll work, but if not here’s some pictures.

Its amazing how much the dogs love to pull the sled, the excitement level is overwhelming.  They love to run.  And they love their people that care for them, and they even like the people they are pulling.  I’ve got some cute pictures from the dog meet-and-greet.The Beautiful Scene on a Dog Sled Ride


Isn’t it beautiful.  We were nearing the hot springs at Chena Springs, and the trees were extra white with frost and snow from the extra moisture in the air.

Dad and I in the Sled

Dad and I in the Sled

It was beyond fun.

Now back to the anniversary projects.  So I’ve been working so much the last couple of weeks and will be working a ton between now and April, so I haven’t had as much time to knit.  One would have thought that a year and a half to finish a project would be enough time, but for the bedspread it is not looking that way.

In fact, for four weeks of knitting I’ve only accomplished 5 inches.  This means it should be done sometime in the fall of 2010, and not the summer as it should be.  My sister’s afghan though shows much greater progress much quicker as its a normal worsted weight yarn. 

First the bedspread.  It was supposed to be knit in strips.  But I hate sewing, with a passion, so I decided I’d knit it all in one, except the top and bottom border.  So I start with the border, Grandmother’s Lace, and its really neat. 

Grandmother's Lace Border

Grandmother's Lace Border

This will also be the border for the top and bottom of the bedspread.  Although I’m thinking of just adding it to the bottom, as the top will be covered by pillows, etc. I’ll decide that next year sometime.

The body is a tumbling leaf pattern with a simple open work lace to break up the leaves. 

Tumbling Leaves and Open Work Lace

Tumbling Leaves and Open Work Lace

One size 1 Addi’s this is a very slow going project.  It looks like around July of next year, when the 40th anniversary takes place, I’ll be somewhere around 80 inches, it needs around 112, or so I currently calculate.  So I’ll give it to them and take it back for finishing. 

Now for the 25th Anniversary Afghan for my sister, it’ll be done in time no problem.  I’m making it a tad larger then the pattern, I hadded two more tree repeats and I’m going to add two more segments, 1 garden and 1 tree to make it larger. 

Tree Afghan

Tree Afghan

I absolutely love it, and its a pretty fun knit.  Perfect for breaking up the bedspread, its knit on size 8 needles also in a cotton, Sierra by Cascade, but super super soft.  A perfect break in the size 1 routine. 

I just finished a 24 row break on this, and have gone back to the bedspread now for another 24 rows.  That is all my hands can take without needing a break of something larger.

So that is all for now in this picture heavy post. Thanks for sharing with me.

Oh and I’ve updated Ravelry with my pictures of projects.


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10 Responses to Dog Sled Ride, Anniversary Project Pictures

  1. Jeanne says:

    The dog sled ride sound incredible! Love the bedspread and afghan – the design on afghan is beautiful.

  2. Sydney says:

    The dog sled ride looks like great fun!

    The bedspread and the afghan are looking good. Hopefully you’ll knit faster on the anniversary bedspread as you go along. I know that happens to me. I love what you have of the afghan so far.

  3. Chris says:

    The ride looks chilly but fun!

    Those trees on the afghan are SO COOL.

  4. Carrie K says:

    My gosh, Rebekah, you’ve knit so much on those!! I’m impressed. They’re beautiful too.

    That dog ride looks like a blast.

  5. Sonya says:

    What a cool ride! You’ve done a ton of knitting. Both projects will be much-loved by their recipients.

  6. Sarah Katie says:

    Mom and Dad’s blanket looks very pretty.

  7. Robin says:

    The bedspread and afghan are both beautiful! The edging is gorgeous and I love the tree pattern on the afghan.

  8. urban craft says:

    That’s amazing work. You make it look so easy. Thanks!

  9. Charlene Heath says:

    Hi, i found your blog on inua shop google site and am enjoying it very much. I live in Fairbanks and love reading some one else view on anything! What i am reading is 2009s and am working thru to the end. I cant wait to see if the bedspread got done and how it looks. Bye for now. Charlene

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