Learning to Spin

Not me, but when I was up in Iowa I helped show my niece how to use her spinning wheel and learn to spin on it.  Unfortunatley though I don’t think her wheel is complete.  The body of the wheel appears to be an AShford Traditional, an older one.  But the flyer and bobbin seem to be too short for the wheel.  I have a newer Ahsford Traditional and when comparing the two wheels it appears that is one problem.  It also seems to me that they have a right-handed wheel with a left handed flyer and bobbin.  But that is more a speculation not an actual fact.

My Niece Learning the Ropes

My Niece Learning the Ropes

The bobbin would spin as well as the flyer, but it would hop out of the mother of all, and wouldn’t pull the spun yarn onto the bobbin.  It was also in dreadful need of oiling, so I’m hoping that with tender care she may be able to get it to work.  But next time I visit I’m going to bring my bobbins and flyer and see if it helps.  At least they’d no where to begin to get to use it.

I’m still busily working on Elizabeth as I have time.  But don’t have a picture yet.  As soon as I finish the back/front, which has about 30 more rows or so, I’ll take a picture. 

Not to much is going on.  Well I have a CT Scan scheduled for next WEdnesday.  Don’t worry, its nothing serious I”m sure.  I’ve had a pain in my side for two years.  It comes and goes, sometimes its awful, sometimes its non-existen, and sometimes its annoying.  I went to my OB/GYN thinking it might be girl related, but ultrasounds didn’t show anything, she thought it might be ovarian cysts.  So she changed my birth control, but it still hasn’t gone away.  She finally told me to go to my regular doctor.  Which I never did.  Finally this week, when it came back yet again (although since I’ve changed my eating habits and started getting healthy it has diminished) I finally caved and went to my doctor.  He’s perplexed as where I point to the pain, he says I have no organs.  But to rule out anything serious, although he agrees with my hypothesis that if it hasn’t killed me or gotten worse in two years it can’t be anything too horrendous, he ordered a CT with contrast, then if that comes back clean which he suspects it will, I’ll be sent to a gastroentologist for a dreaded colonoscopy.  And then if that comes back fine.  We’ll chalk it up to mystery pain.  ice cream bait

Maybe I should just eat some of this yummy ice cream and all will be better.  This was a sign in Strawberry Point, IA.  Too funny I thought.  That flavor of ice cream, I would not like.

This is where I wanted to get married

This is where I wanted to get married

Sorry I have no pictures of the kids today.  But I thought I’d share this picture of Nick and I.  Back when we got married, this is where I wanted to have our wedding.  I thought it’d be gorgeous to get married on a bluff overlooking the MIssissippi River.  But my mom caboshed that idea, as we were to be married in August and well, the weather could have been awful.  AS it turned out it was an absolutely gorgeous day with the highs only in the upper 70’s, sunny and beautiful.  Oh well.  One cannot predict the future.

Well back to work I must go.  Have a good day.


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7 Responses to Learning to Spin

  1. Awww, such a nice auntie. Creating a memory she’ll always remember.

  2. Sydney says:

    Bait flavored ice cream doesn’t sound good at all!

    Hope your CT scan comes out clean.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Too bad the spinning wheel doesn’t work – I hope you figure it out – it really is a beautiful wheel!

    Good luck on the CT – I hope they figure it out – how frustrating!

  4. janna says:

    I hope you can figure out what’s wrong with your niece’s wheel – that would be so frustrating!

    And I guess the same thing goes with your CD – it’s frustrating not to know what’s going on there, in that area of no organs!

    And, no – no bait ice cream for me, either!

  5. Brigitte says:

    Ew…that’s enough to keep anyone off of ice cream!

    I hope everything goes well! It’s best to sure.

    • rebekahsyarn says:

      I think Is hould hang a picture of it on my freezer, every time I think I want to buy ice cream I’ll just look at that.


  6. Cathi says:

    Wish I had a closeup of that flyer assembly. Looks like something’s on backwards or the drive-band is on the wrong side of the flyer, but it’s hard to tell from the pics. If it’s an Ashford it will have their logo stamped on it somewhere. My friend had an Ashford from the 60s and it looks the same as mine – just hers was a single drive and mine’s a double drive. Hope the CT gives you an idea of what’s wrong…or not. Glad you’ve decided to get it looked at. Mmmmm…Ice Cream Bait. If I was a fish I’d go RIGHT for that!

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