Elizabeth is Making me MAD!

I’m not sure what it is, but somehow this knitting project is really ticking me off.  Let me break it down:

  • The color is drab and dreary (or maybe its just the weather today – and the fact I dropped my favorite bag in a mud puddle)
  • The further I knit, the more I know I’m going to have issues with the neckline. 
  • The fact that my husband was right about the neckline, isn’t helping.  He told me, “its a gorgeous sweater, but the neckline is wrong for you, you don’t have wide enough shoulders.”
  • I should have listened to him, and I have doubts I can come up with a fix that actually looks decent based on the flow of the sweater.
  • The arms are too long. 

I have the first sleve nearly finished. I decided I’d continue knitting it, but then take a break and think about the rest of the sweater.  It’s just the more I knit on it, the more I’m convinced this is going to become another one of those projects I liked knitting, but hated the outcome and felt cheated in the end.  Like my disasterous Ringbloomst last year.

So I think it’ll go in timeout while I think, and maybe I’ll start the vest kit I got from Knit Picks.  Or maybe I’ll go back to working on the Log Cabin Afghan.  Or maybe I’ll work on my sister’s anniversary present.  I’m not sure.  I’m feeling overwhelmed with projects, I don’t have a whole lot of time to knit any more, and I need to work on something that doesn’t stress me out and make me mad.  I’m not sure what project that is at the moment.  I’ll figure it out over the weekend I suppose.

basil_cherry_treeLet me share a beautiful picture of my Basil bird.  This definitely won’t stress me out.  With all the mosquitos on our property this last year, he was never allowed outside, so this is a couple years old.  But isn’t he beautiful in the crab-apple tree.  That tree is now dying as well.  Its not our tree, its on a piece of property owned by the farmer that works the land behind us.  So no one takes care of the tree as it should be.  I think next year, we may end up taking them down.  The farmer doesn’t want them there anyway.  He didn’t plant them our ex-neighbors did to beautify the space.  But now with them dying, it kind of defeats the purpose. 

Someone, or at some point, I signed up for a Knit-A-Long for  Norweigian Pattern on RAvelry.  I can’t remember signing up for it.  It doesn’t start till January, so I decided I’d go ahead with it, even though I’m just lousy at knit-a-longs.  But I could use an excuse to do some more colorwork.  Anyway, I’m debtaing between making another snowflake vest like I shared yesterday, if I have the yarn in stash, or a vest for my dad, that I bought all the yarn for about 4 years ago (when I made the snowflake sweater) and never knit.  I know I have the yarn for that, but if after I find the pattern and see if I have yarn in stash for the snowflake vest, I may revert to that.  As I’d love to have that vest for myself to wear.

Okay, I’m going to go and try to find something that won’t make me grumpier.


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6 Responses to Elizabeth is Making me MAD!

  1. Chris says:

    Dang, with all of those red flags waving, I’m surprised you can even see to knit…

  2. celticcaston says:

    sounds like you need to knit some mystery socks to me!!!

  3. Kat says:

    Knitting is supposed to be therapeutic and enjoyable, if you are hating a project, quit it for a while.

  4. Carrie K says:

    Definitely a time out. And then the frog pond.

    I suck at KAL’s too so why are they so enticing? Explain…because I’ve joined three.

  5. Jeanne says:

    Sorry that your knitting is making you grumpy – you really sound like you need a project that makes you happy. I’m sorry that Elizabeth is giving you a hard time – I hope that her time in time-out gives you enough persepctive to help you figure out if you can fix it and be happy – nothing worse than spending time on a project you don’t like.

    I hope you have a happy weekend, and get some time to do things that cheer you up!

  6. janna says:

    Basil and the crabapple tree are both beautiful!

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