New Project While Elizabeth is on Haitus.

Elizabeth has officially been put on timeout.  I finished the first sleeve, and then she went back into her backpack where she will stay until I decide whether or not I want to forge forth and attempt to fix the whole way to wide neckline issue. I think I will forge forth, but I need to let her age a bit.  I have found recently that many things are making me annoyed, irritated, moody.  So this weekend I took a complete haitus from the computer.  It was a good decision.  In fact, I think I may do that every weekend for a while.  I am forced to spend a lot of time in front of a computer during the week, but the weekends I need to breathe.

While Elizabeth is on haitus, I started the Knit Picks Corrie Fair Isle Vest.  I bought the kit a couple of months back and think now I might actually be able to fit into the largest size, so I started knitting it on SAturday, after I finished Elizabeth’s sleeve.  I’ll try and have a picture later this week.  Its going rather well.  This week I’m not going to walk at lunch, but instead spend my lunch hour dedicated to knitting.  I’m doing this for several reasons, 1) its rather dreary weather predicted this week, 2) between my morning aerobics and luncht-time walk I think I’m pushing my thigh muscle too hard and its aching nearly all the time. So I’m hoping a full 24 hours between work-outs will give it the needed time to recoop; 3) the lady I walk with at lunch is really driving me insane and since I have guilt issues it was easier to just say I’m not walking all this week in order to have a break; 4) I just don’t want to walk, and I really want to knit!

I need to deal with my way to easy guilt issues.  I shouldnt’ need a reason to knit at lunch.  Besides I’ve lost 43 pounds now, I need to start transitioning into a pace I can keep up for the long haul so I can still enjoy my life and not just focus on weight loss.

these two agree

these two agree

Speaking of favorite projects, which we weren’t, but I was a few posts back, this was one of my all-time favorite projects.  Its a sweater I made for NIck and I love this outdoorsy L.L. Beanish type photo.

Aren’t my boys handsome.


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5 Responses to New Project While Elizabeth is on Haitus.

  1. Chris says:

    Bad sweater. No biscuit.

  2. Carrie K says:

    Off with Elizabeth’s head. Life is too short for bad knits.

    That’s what I do! Take the weekends off from the computer. Unless I’m working. Otherwise I go crazy. OTOH, the blogs tend to proliferate madly when i do but oh well.

  3. Jeanne says:

    I’m so glad you started the vest – can’t wait to see it! And I know what you mean about taking a break from computers – sometimes it is really the right thing.

    Its hard not to feel guilty – but lunch is about destressing, and taking a break, and if that means knitting, then go for it!

  4. Jeanne says:

    And great picture of your boys (and beautiful sweater!)

  5. Robin says:

    Congrats on your weight loss!!! I need to do the same. Your boys do look very handsome – straight out of an Orvis or LL Bean catalog cover. Hope Elizabeth is kinder after a break.

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