How to Entertain Oneself in Hectic Times

Yesterday, Wendy posted a picture of her desk at work.  And it made me think, why not.  Its where I spend what seems to be 90% of my life.  Why not share with all of you, how I entertain myself at work, when I’d rather be at home knitting. 


Corner of my Desk

Let me explain what you are seeing….

  • My screen which I love as its huge, on the right of my screen a post-it to remind me to do something, and on the bottom left-hand corner an inspirational quote to motivate me to continue on weight loss.
  • You’ll see my two huge cup of pens, including a sonic scredriver pen, several chicken pens, I even have a man weight-lifting pen, on a spool pen.  I really like funky pens.
  • My bottle of Gloves in a Bottle.
  • My green travel coffee mug.
  • My wireless keyboard and mouse – in my book an essential.
  • A picture of me thin, accompanied by my in-laws and my husband.  You can’t see in this picture but I have a picture of my sister and brother on the other wall.
  • My funky parrot Tervis Tumbler.
  • My black sharpie – a must have.
  • And to the lower lef-thand corner of my screen you’ll see what looks like a red ball.  Its a huge ball of wax.  Here I’ll show you a close up of it.

Babybel Ball of Wax 4" Circumfrence

  • Ball of Wax 4″ in CircumfranceYou may wonder why I have a huge ball of wax.  Well see everyday since I started trying to get healthy I’ve eaten a Babybel Light piece of cheese.  And you know how they each come individually wrapped in wax.  Well, I start gathering the wax together, soon it became a ball the size of a golf ball, then it grew and grew.  And now for entertainment I’m seeing how large I can make my grand ball of Babybel wax.

This week I have been able to steal a few moments away from work at lunch to knit.  We have an abandoned office, well an office no longer in use, that you now have to walk through a filing room to get to, so a group of us have taken it over for lunches. IMG_1470

 Those moments will be far and few between the next few weeks, but I hope this weekend I can make some good progress on the vest so I can at least finish it by the end of November.

Abner wishing it was the weekend

The dogs don’t like it when we are not home ontime, but they get used to it.  Eventually.


And we are all a bit water-logged, we’ve had over a foot of rain in October, which is just insane.  I don’t think the ground will dry out till next July.

Have a good weekend! Keep your pets safe.

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8 Responses to How to Entertain Oneself in Hectic Times

  1. celticcaston says:

    Girl you are looking fantastic!!! Can’t wait to see that vest done, I sooo want to start a fair isle garment!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Chris says:

    I’m glad you explained the mysterious red ball!

  3. Kat says:

    I like the sweater you’re wearing in the knitting picture and I didn’t know about your love of weird pens. I’ll have to remember that.

  4. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for sharing your desk! I’d share mine but I still haven’t brought anything in for mine (its been two years) so its just sorrt of boring. Too funny about the wax ball!

  5. I hadn’t seen Wendy’s post, but today I blogged one of the places I’m spending a fair bit of time lately too! Something must be in the air, LOL!

  6. Carrie K says:

    A foot of rain! Lucky.

    Poor puppy dogs! All alone……….;0

  7. Stephanie says:

    I love seeing your work space! I’ll have to incorporate that idea into a post of my own. The red ball of wax is hilarious! You look great, so whatever you’re doing is obviously working.

  8. Brigitte says:

    My work space is nowhere near as organized! Looking at yours reminds me I really should de-clutter my desk…

    Oh, our pets… A few minutes late and they’re convinced they will forever be alone. 😉

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