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Why Is It Never Easy?

No matter what with me, health issues are never easy.  Ovarian cysts, two years to diagnose.  Leg is killing me.  Go to doctor (finally after 6 months), he thinks its a stress fracture on my femur, orders MRI.  MRI doesn’t … Continue reading

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Nearly A Perfect Fit

My stitch gauge was spot on.  My row gauge was not.  So in the end, I shortened up the armholes to make the sweater not too long.  I like the result, but the armholes are  a little to short, but … Continue reading

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Crimes for My Niece To Commit In the Next Week

My niece turns 18 in a week.  We don’t celebrate birthdays, but I figure now is the time to let her know the crimes she should commit before next week so that she can be tried as a juvenile.  Now … Continue reading

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How I Ended Up At This Desk

Someone commented about how organized my desk was, well I must confess its not really.  I have a very large desk, and a very large portion of it is a complete disaster.  Here’s another shot of a corner of my … Continue reading

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