How I Ended Up At This Desk


Another Corner of My Desk

Someone commented about how organized my desk was, well I must confess its not really.  I have a very large desk, and a very large portion of it is a complete disaster.  Here’s another shot of a corner of my desk.  I love my little drawers, I fill them with all sorts of things, spoons, splenda, salt, swiss army knife, markers, popcorn, rubber bands, band-aids, ‘lil guppy tool, and all sorts of other things.  It also makes a nice stand as you see fo rmy fan, my tea maker.  And of course then there’s another shot of the big red wax ball.  I can’t help it, it makes me laugh.

I’ve been thinking about work a lot lately, maybe because I’m at work a lot.  All of this made me think about the plethora of jobs I’ve held.  I’ll lay them out for you:
  • Piano Teacher
  • Office Cleaner and helped with some secretarial things at a cell phone sales company and plastics manufacturer (yes it was a combined office) on in 1990 which were those HUGE cell phones or bags.
  • Subway Sandwich Maker for a grand 6 weeks.
  • Sold Drugs and Drove a Vette……okay I worked at a pharmacy and drove a Chevette.
  • Secretary for Parks and Recreation Dept of Independence, IA – the only secretarial job I’ve ever had that involved rollerskating.  We were also a rec center, fitness center, raquetball, and we had rollerskating and pizza party Fridays.  Also had lock-ins I would occassionally supervise.
  • Newspaper Girl Friday…I did everything from man the front desk, help with circulation, prepare ads, and even got to work in the darkroom developing pictures.
  • Hotel Clerk
  • Conference Coordinator for an International Economic Organization (went to Montreal for a conference – it was fun)
  • Customer Service Operator
  • Receptionist at a Copier Sales and Service Company in Cedar Rapids, IA, it was a temp job, but then they found out I was moving to Peoria, so they transferred me to Peoria, IL office and made me the Office Manager….which now means at my current job whenever the copiers go down they come to me first to fix them.  But I don’t mind, I like fixing things.
  • Sales Support for a Technology Company – meaning I prepared presentations, etc. for the Salesman and Vice-President I was assigned to.
  • Insurance Company Secretary.
  • School Photographer
  • Secretary at a Secretarial Company in which we worked for a lot of different Sole Practioner Attorneys and other individuals who didn’t need full-time secretaries.
  • Secretary/Office Manager for Family Attorney
  • And that brings me to where I’m at now.

Wow, that is a lot of jobs.  But I was never fired, I always moved on myself – well with the exception of the Insurance Company, they came in one day and closed our entire office down.  I also moved a lot from the time I was 20-25.  My last two jobs have consumed 8 years of my life and will probably consume the grand majority of the rest of it. Its fun looking back on what we’ve done.

So what kind of jobs have you had?


Don't Worry the Cars Not Moving

Today is a fun day, its still a crazy busy day at work but I’m actually wearing a sweater I never thought I’d wear again.  In fact it was in a pile to mail to my niece as I couldn’t stand the thought of throwing it out since its one of my hand-knits.  But I grabbed it out of frustration this morning and low and behold it fits!  Sorry Sarah, I’m keeping this one afterall.


Basil and His Green Ball

I also woke up to an awful ringing in my ears.  Nick too.  Of course its just Basil obsessed with his green ball which has two metal bells in it.  Isn’t he adorable! 

As I was getting ready this morning, I made a mental list of all the things I must fix knitting wise.

  1. My hooded sweater – the hood is falling off.
  2. My green and black gloves, I have a stictch that is running.  I should do that soon.
  3. My second sweater ever knit has a huge stain on it.  Its cream.  I think I’m going to dye it a drak purple and see if that works since I don’t have the heart to throw out a hand-knit.

As steeking time is approaching soon on my vest, I also hope this weekend, in the few precious moments I’m not at work, to pull my sewing machine out and set it up somewhere so that I’ll be able to steek my vest.  I also have a slight notion while I have it out to try and fix Ringbloomst with it. 


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14 Responses to How I Ended Up At This Desk

  1. Kat says:

    I think you’ve had more jobs than I have. That’s because I’m a chicken.

  2. Sonya says:

    What an interesting journey you’ve had! I bet the 6 grand weeks at Subway were fun. I worked at McDonald’s in HS; I never worked so hard for so little.

    I can see your weight loss in your face. You’re an inspiration!

  3. Chris says:

    Cool about the sweater that now fits!!

    Hmm, that doesn’t really look like SO many. But this is a good idea for a post. Hmm.

  4. Lorette says:

    Um, I’m pretty boring compared to that. Let’s see, does babysitting count? Babysitting, nanny, food service in college, micro lab tech assistant, then doctor, doctor, more doctor.
    “Sold drugs and drove a Vette” cracked me up. And I think School Photographer could be fun, but only if you were allowed to take goofy photos of all the kids.

  5. Jeanne says:

    I’ve had a few too – I’d be scared to list them all!

  6. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- I’ve had a few jobs in my time- the most interesting was at Brewer’s Retail.

  7. Sydney says:

    Oh, I like the little drawers in your office.

    What an interesting series of jobs. I had to giggle at “Sold drugs and drove a Vette”. I’m afraid my list of jobs would be pretty dull in comparison.

    That’s great that you’re able to wear that sweater again. You’re looking good!

  8. socksformum says:

    My list isn’t nearly that exhaustive! Pull out the sewing machine and steek that vest, girl!!!

  9. Sarah Katie says:

    I didn’t know you had a lot of those jobs. I don’t care about you not sending me anything. I am getting really far on my sweater and I actually think I might have it done by November 20th which is when I need to block it so that I can take it to Branson on the 21st.

  10. fleegle says:

    Yike! I am impressed! You are obviously well-rounded 🙂

    And you can use a Zia to hold your wheel bobbins, too!

  11. Mr Puffy says:

    That’s quite the diverse career you’ve had Rebekah! My most unusual job was as a teenager I would sell flowers on the street corner. Shockingly dangerous when I think back.

    I would love it if you felt comfortable posting that poem you mentioned in the comments with a link to your blog or here on your blog. That’s so interesting and such a great piece of history – I know people would enjoy it if you shared that!

  12. Brigitte says:

    Heh, I love all the little drawers!

    I’ve had a few different jobs – the one I still wonder about was Flight Attendant for a year or so. Sounds “glamourous” – believe me, it wasn’t.

  13. Robin says:

    Nice collection of jobs! So nice to see Basil again! Where’s he been hiding? I try to keep a neat workspace — I really do try…..

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