How People in DC have to get to work today

Sometimes a little perspective in life is a good thing.  Or a necessary thing.  Remembering really what’s important, and letting everything else go.  We can’t control the weather, and we can’t control a good portion of the things that happen around us.  So the things we can control, we should celebrate the possibilities.  I’ve had to throw my own perspective on events of this week, well for that matter events of the past 10 weeks.  While I’m not happy with how things are, in all reality they don’t really effect the most important things in my life, so I’m not going to worry about them.  I will accept them for what they are and move past. Now the things I can control that is a different story.

I’ve been thinking about my upcoming vacation, what I plan to do, etc.  And I think I’ve come to the realization that a very large portion of my vacation will need be spent working on my house.  Its a horrendous mess.  I’m tired of living in what some might call utter chaos.  So since my parents are coming at the end of March for a very brief visit, what better opportunity then to spend my week off getting things organized around my house.  Each day I think I’ll pick a room and do the Fly Lady’s 15/15 method.  15 minutes of work, 15 minutes of play.  Although I actually do more 30/30 as its typically a bit more productive and a bit more relaxing.  One of my goals will be to relocate all my knitting books to a dog safe area, and possibly move my stash to the basement.  While my basement is a true basement and often wet/damp my stash is kept in space totes and I think I’ll also put the space totes in rubbermaid bins as well.  Then I can move my books to the spare bedroom where the yarn is, and keep only the yarn I’m currently using on projects in that room.  I think it makes good sense.  And it’ll help my home be more organized.  Perspective.  Keeping an orderly house is just as important as keeping up with my knitting projects.  Alternate Perpsective…keeping a more organized house will have less things available to the dogs to destroy.

The other day we came home to my make-up (I wear bare minerals) all over the bed.  Apparently they found my new container of make-up and decided to see how pretty they’d look.  Django’s blaze was a lovely light peachy tint. 

Ha ha ha....I think I'll ship Django to DC

In more specific knitting news I finished the knitting portion of the Bomber Jacket last night.  I will hopefully sew a good portion of it together this evening.  Its a tad short. But then its a bomber jacket I think its supposed to be.  Nick said well next winter after you’ve dropped a few more sizes it’ll fit perfectly.  Apparently I have a few more sizes to drop.  Well he’s actually right I do plan on dropping a few more sizes, but it’ll be in my hips/thigh/stomach area.  It actually fits well I think.  I tried it on last night over a very heavy sweater and withouth the sewing and it looked okay.  I’m hopeful with the sewing it’ll be what I’m looking for.  Hopefully I’ll post pictures this weekend of the completed item.

I’ve finished Block B of the Knilt.  Starting knitting another Block A.  Its actually turning out to be a good project to knit at lunch at work.  Since its too cold and/or percipating to go out and walk I’ve been knitting and its a perfect little project as its small and doesn’t break my back carrying it to and from work. 

I’ve finished the body of the doll for my daughter’s friend.  Sewed a little packet for the poly-pellets to go in on Saturday, stuffed it and have an egg-shaped body sitting in my knitting room.  Not sure when I’ll start the next section of that project. 

I’ve decided to frog the Anniversary Bedspread and Anniversary Afghan.  Let’s face it, a bedspread on size 1 needles.  Surely I was insane.  I’ll never be able to finish it.  So instead I think I may knit a table-runner for my mother-in-law just for fun.  Since I have a ton of this yarn, which would also be good for a tablecloth, I may knit a tablecloth at some point as well.  Not sure.  The Anniversary AFghan for my sister, well the Cascade Sierra looked good on the tree portion, but the flower garden portion of the pattern it looked absolutely terrible. The cotton was just too abrupt.  It needs a softer yarn.  So I’m going to frog it and do something different which will probably not be finished by my sister’s 25th anniversary.  But in my new perspective brain I figure time really is irrelevant on some things and it really won’t matter if I finish a present in May or August or December. 

I’ve gone through my projects on Ravelry to decide what I’ll frog and what I’ll keep.  Its good to clear house every now and then.  It gives one Perspective.


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5 Responses to Perspective

  1. Mr Puffy says:

    Nothing like having company coming to spur one into a little house cleaning. I have a closet full of canned goods – most of which are probably expired. I might try your 30/30 rule to see if that will motivate me to tackle that task.

    Django has a great laugh – laugh of guilt I think 😀

  2. Robin says:

    I’m thinkin’ that maybe some of those yahoos in DC ought to just stay home – maybe we’d be better off! I mean half of them have no business staying up past 10:00 PM so what’s with voting on important stuff after midnight?????!

    I’m also thinking afghans using Wool Ease Thick & Quick on size 15 needles!

  3. Sydney says:

    My house had gotten chaotic over the past year, so I’ve been focusing on decluttering one room a week. It’s going slowly but it looks and feels so much better.

    Whatever you do on your vacation, I’m sure the change of pace will be good.

  4. Chris says:

    Do you feel lighter not having those projects on the needles anymore?!

  5. Jeanne says:

    I think its great to go through projects every so often and clear out what you know you don’t like working on – knitting is supposed to be fun, not a chore. And I think you’ll be happier doing something you love!

    Good luck with getting the house organized – always worth it, but never as much fun as knitting!

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