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Apparently 2007 was actually 2010

After finishing the torturous afghan I moved to the next longest item in my Queue the Forest Path Stole.  I was shocked when I checked on Ravelry when I actually started it, February 2007!  I started the torturous afghan in … Continue reading

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And There Was a Great WaHoo!

Its done.  Finally.  Started September 2007 in Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks and finished March 2010.  Of course from about November 2007 till February 2010 I didn’t knit a stitch.  But the afghan of torture is done.  Okay … Continue reading

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Its a Ponytail Kinda Day

What a week!  It started off Monday by waking up and horrible back pain, almost like a pinched nerve.  I managed to get myself to work and the pain subsided a little.  Then I’m sitting in our department’s Monday morning … Continue reading

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Abner and Django Play Ball

MVI_1743 Originally uploaded by RebekahF Can you here Abner — doesn’t he sound ferocious. Its a good thing our neighbors aren’t super close I can imagine play like this happens frequently. And boy are they loud!

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A Very Talented Woman

My sister is extremely talented artistically.  I envy her for this as I have not one drop of artistic blood in my body. Oh I can knit and follow a pattern and make a beautiful item, but she can draw, … Continue reading

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Staycation Debriefing

This is what I didn’t do: Organize Clean Throw Away the Entire Contents of my House Stick to a Plan Stick to a Schedule This is what I did do: Knit on the Log Cabin Blanket (only 6 more strips … Continue reading

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