Its a Ponytail Kinda Day

What a week!  It started off Monday by waking up and horrible back pain, almost like a pinched nerve.  I managed to get myself to work and the pain subsided a little.  Then I’m sitting in our department’s Monday morning meeting and my nose starts bleeding.  I haven’t had a nosebleed in probably 15 years.  Then one of the girs that assists my department got fired.  Tuesday back still hurt had horrible time downloading from an ftp website documents.  Wednesday, my back quit hurting, but the hectic crazy work still continued and I broke down and ate really bad for me tacos for lunch as a stress reliever (it did work).  Today I woke up and said, its a ponytail day.  Every now and then I think about cutting my hair off, but then I have a ponytail day and wonder what I’d do if I didn’t have long hair to just pull up in a ponytail and forget.  I’ve never been a girly girl, and if I had to spend time each day “doing” my hair I’d probably end up looking like I just stepped out of bed every day.  I have naturally wavy hair, so with it being long I just wash it, put some mousse in it and go.  You know come to think of it, I probably do look like I just stepped out of bed every day.  I have the last two weeks actually put on full makeup, even mascarra!  Normally its a little bare minerals powder foundation and that’s it, but I’ve actually made up my eyes.  I’m attempting to be more adult-like.  I don’t know if its working, but it only takes me about 5 more minutes so its an effort I’m willing to take to look a little more put together. 

Have you seen this Natural Gas video.  Its very cool for us knitters.  I’m impressed at the time things like this must take to actually make.  When I see things like this it makes me want to knit my village again.  I imagined I’d Knit a Farmyard, a Garden, and a castle.  I dreamed of setting up my English village and pretending I lived there.  Some day I’ll make my village, maybe I’ll pattern it after Lark Rise or Candleford (I’m addicted to this series – now I must read the book).  I would so love to live in a little English village.  Of course I probably watch to many Midsomer Murders and have romanticized too much about living somewhere else.  By the way if you want a good British murder series, Midsomer Murders is the best.  I admit I own every episode.  Although if you ever see Barnaby in your neighborhood, watch out, someone is going to be killed.

In actual knitting news, I’m still working on the Geometric Afghan (I changed the name from Log Cabin, I just like Geometric better and since its not a pattern I’m free to do that). I’m nearing the finish line, I’m on the border and have 2.5 strips left.  It’ll be done I think in about 2 weeks, then I’ll show pictures.  Its hard to show anything right now as its on needle cords that make it scrunchy.

At lunch, I’m avoiding going on walks with my co-worker.  She can be very negative, and often the conversations aren’t fun, and all about how everyone is wronging her.  So its just easier to avoid walking.  I would prefer to walk by myself. The funny thing is, people are always inviting them on my walks, and I’m horrible at saying “No, I want to walk alone.” I just can’t bring myself to turn someone away.  So I’ve been knitting.  I can tell them, “No I’m not walking today, I’m working on a project.”  I’ve been working on the doll for my friend’s little girl.  I have the body and head done and started on the arms.  Its from Itty Bitty Toys.  Love this book by the way. 

Jeanne is having a contest, she’s been blogging for four years and is celebrating.  Go and check it out if you’d like. 

Abner is I’m sure having a lazy day again today.  Although around 3 in the afternoon they decide to go counter-surfing and see what they can destroy.  Its always an adventure going home and seeing what they’ve been up to.

Hickory Canyon - near Farmington, MO

Oh I forgot, I promised a picture of Hickory Canyon.  Here it is.

Hope you have a lovely day.  Toodle Pip


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5 Responses to Its a Ponytail Kinda Day

  1. Chris says:

    Ack! What a terrible Monday. I hope things go a lot better from here on out…

  2. Mr Puffy says:

    What a week! I like a pony tail – but mine comes out more like a pigtail – if you know what I mean. I wear bare minerals too – love those QVC specials 🙂

    For your walks I understand it’s hard to say no. Maybe just say hey “I need to think through a tough work problem and need some quiet alone time.” Tricky, though.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Sounds like a long week – I hope it got better at the end – and that you have a good weekend!

  4. Sydney says:

    Oh what a week! Hopefully next week will be better. I have wavy hair too. I rarely spend a lot of time on it. I tend to put on a little hair goo, dry it and go. I’m pretty sure mine often looks like I just stepped out of bed. But it often looks like that if I spend a lot of time on it too. LOL!

  5. Kat says:

    I’m glad they didn’t knit over the cat and baby.;-)

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