Hello Dolly

Emma's Dolly

I couldn’t come up with a name.  This seemed as good as any.  The doll is complete, tomorrow she will say good-bye to my co-workers and be shipped off to her new owner, Emma.  Nothing too exciting going on in my life at the moment, work and biking when we can.  We went to Nick’s folks over the weekend, we saw the Lego Art Exhibit at the Lakeview Museum in Peoria, Illinois.  It was beyond cool!  I’ll share one of my favorite designs from it. I can’t believe what this man does with legos.  Its amazing. 

I'd guess its about 4 feet tall, but the cool thing is the reflection

The dogs had a lovely time playing in the fenced in yard, and we had a good time playing Mexican Train.  I also started a project, breaking my rule of no new projects until I finish at least the shawl.  But its for a baby shower in a week and a half at work for one of my co-workers who’s expecting sometime in late May or June (she hopes – the poor girl is absolutely huge and her original due date wasn’t until the end of June.  They moved her due date up to the middle of June).  So I am making blocks that spell out her son’s name.  I have enough squares knit for 3 blocks, and have 4 more to knit, and then have to duplicate stitch the name.  I decided to do duplicate stitch instead of intarsia and I’m very happy with the results on the first block. Its supposed to storm on Saturday so I think I’ll get enough knitting time to finish them up.

Goin' for a Ride!

The shawl is coming along, and when I’m done I think I’ll try and knit a summer top. I bought some cotton yarn at this unclaimed freight type of place for a buck a skein.  Its not expensive yarn, but its pretty enough and I think will make that nice entrelac top that is in the spring Interweave Knits.  At least that’s the current plan.


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10 Responses to Hello Dolly

  1. Jeanne says:

    The doll is adorable – and I’m sure Emma will love it.

    The lego guy is amazing – I didn’t realize it was lego’s until I read the post!

  2. CatMyers says:

    She turned out adorable! What a cute face you embroidered on her, Rebekah. I’m always amazed at the art some people can accomplish with things like Legos.

  3. Chris says:

    Like Jeanne, I didn’t realize that was LEGOs until I read the post – cool!

    The doll’s very cute.

  4. Mr Puffy says:

    That dolly is so loveable 🙂 Emma will be thrilled!

    Looking forward to seeing your blocks ~ such a cute idea for a baby gift!

  5. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- Well, Hello Dolly…

    Her face is really sweet- I will be sad to see her go, but she will be loved at her new home.

  6. Robin says:

    The doll is so cute! Looks very squishy. It’s amazing what they can make out of Legos.

  7. monica says:

    The doll is so cute!! As is Django. 🙂

  8. Sydney says:

    That’s such a cute doll!

    The Lego guy is so cool. I’m trying to imagine a four foot Lego guy. Count me as another one who didn’t realize he was made of Legos until I read your post.

    • rebekahsyarn says:

      Thanks, her new mommy named her “meatball”. 2 years olds are soooo funny.

      he had some sculptures sthat were lifesize. It was amazing!


  9. Brigitte says:

    Those are Legos! Amazing!

    And sitting in the car like he is, Django looks huge!

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