Summer of Doilies and Such Items

Yarn and writing I'll just have to find someone to write to

Or in other words, procrastination on the border of the Forest path Stole.  I finished the matching doily Anna Marie to the last one I knit, just need to block it out and then it’ll be ready to go to the Mother-in-Law for under her lamps on her bedside tables.  Now I’ve started Doretta from Danish Lace Treasures.  On Ravelry this doily is attributed to Herbert Niebling, but its from the Danish Lace Treasures book by Gloria Penning featuring the the work of Anna Marie Jensen.  So I do not know who designed it, but its very pretty.  This is actually a doily for my house, my table inbetween the two recliners, which is antiqueish and kindof uniqued shape as it this doily.  Then I want to knit two matching doilies for my side tables by my couch for under my stained glass lamps my grandmother made.  I’ve decided to hurry past my 40’s and go straight to my 70’s where I decorate my house with doilies, either that or I’ve gone back in tme 100 years where a new bride attributed her success to how many crochets she had (although these are obviously knit not crocheted – and I get this reference from Anne of Green Gables – movies not book – when Diana is newly engaged to Fred and she discussing having more crochets then one of their other girls who got married.

Its a lovely day here, we went on a very nice bike ride despite some heavier wind.  Although now my knee hurts, but that hurt before the bike ride.  I think I slept with it twisted. 

Kathy from A Work In Progress sent me a lovely prize.  I honestly didn’t even realize I had entered a contest on her blog, but isn’t that yarn lovely. I love the colors, I’m going to make a nice scarf or lacey something or another out of it.  I haven’t quite decided.  I may search around Ravelry for the yarn to see if there’s anything that they suggest, its a cotton, wool, silk blend, 350 yards of it. 

Spoiled Dogs

Work will be busy this week, but hopefully not stressful.  I have friends visiting from my old stomping grounds i nIowa that I’ll hopefully get to see at least once while they are touring the grand city of St. Louis.  Actually we do have some very nice things here, the zoo is amazing, the botanical gardesn, City Museum, all worth the drive to see.

I had taken the cutest picutre of the dogs on the bed together, but of course didn’t have a memory card in the camera.  So they stayed still for this picture, but its no where near as cute.  Oh well. 

Have a good week!

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8 Responses to Summer of Doilies and Such Items

  1. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- I think you are reviving the lost art of the doily- it does take patience.

    How does everybody fit into the bed?

  2. Mr Puffy says:

    You’re in St. Louis? I was there for a weekend once and went to the Zoo – it’s amazing. Took the train ride and loved it – that and the ape/gorillas made a huge impression. Particularly what they did with a stick – LOL

    I bet the doilies are addicting to make. Raina at RainingSheep is making some multi-colored ones you might find interesting.

  3. Chris says:

    Hope your knee feels better!

    Hmm, don’t you have some sort of Arch thing, too? 😉

  4. Sonya says:

    I think your doilies are beautiful! My grandma had them everywhere and was very protective of them.

    Django always looks like he’s in motion!

  5. Jeanne says:

    Doilies are so pretty – aren’t they becoming hip again? 😉 It seems like everyone is making them on Ravelry…

    Very nice yarn – I love the colors.

  6. janna says:

    I love doilies! I have several crocheted by my grandma, but I never thought about knitting them! I think I need to get that book!

    And I also love the St. Louis Zoo! (Also – exclamation marks tonight!)

  7. Robin says:

    Very nice gift! Lucky you!!

  8. Kathy says:

    I’m glad you like the yarn! As for writing people… I use cards for thank you notes and the like. Of course, I also collect them which is why I had the contest! lol. 🙂

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