Will I, or Won’t I? That is the Question.

I was in a knitting slump this past weekend, not one project was speaking to me.  I didn’t want to knit a doily, I didn’t want to work on Elizabeth, I couldn’t face the thought of the Forest Path Stole.  So I didn’t knit. Not a stitch. I wasn’t feeling very well either, my cyst on my ovary was acting up once again so I laid on the couch and watched Netflix movies on Sunday and Saturday was spent taking the Django to the vet.  Just a normal shots visit and he has an ear infection which he is none to happy to have the drops go in his ears.  I almost wonder if the medicine is making it more sore as he’d let us clean it up until yesteday now he whines and snaps.  Which isn’t like him any more with ear cleaning.  Anyway.  So yesterday I thought and thought and decided I really think to make me happy I need to knit with my Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere lace yarn.  Its so luxurious that I haven’t wanted to part with the skeins, so the’ve been sitting in a china cabinet behind glass waiting patiently with my Alaskan Cashmere and my Quivit.  I think its time to bring the out of the cabinet and onto the needles.  But then I decided I really should finish one lace shawl, the Forest Path Stole, before starting another lace adventure.  Its only fair to the Stole to finish it and wear it.  And since I wear shawls nearly every week, it would definitely get some use.  So I had a decision to make, immediately start working diligently on the Forest Path Stole so I can get to the luxurious silk/cashmere, or find a small project to take my mind off my blues and buy myself some more procrastination.  I of course chose the procrastination and started the Travelling Woman Shawlette on Ravelry.  I’m using the yarn Kathy sent me a few weeks ago.  The question is though, will I or won’t I have enough yarn.  Its a gamble and the suspense is killing me.  I usually fret if I may not have enough yarn, its in illness I always buy in excess so I don’t run out of yarn, but since I didn’t buy this yarn and it was a gift I figured what do I have to lose, its like a little mystery.  to make it even more suspensful my skein of yarn is in one of those yarn boxes from Latern Moon so I can’t even tell how much yarn is left!  The pattern on Ravelry says it takes between 305 and 325 yards, the printed pattern says it used a skein of 385 yards.  My skein is 350 yards.  Oh the suspense is nearly unbearable!  We shall have to wait and see.

"Get this doily off my head lady, or else!"

So when you are knitting a doily there is one thing you should not do.  Put it as a hat on a cat.  He then thinks its a toy and promptly uses his razor sharp teeth to cut your yarn.  So my doily which should only have a cast on and cast off end to weave in, has 3 other ends that now have to be weaved in somehow (which isn’t the easiest thing to do with a doily).  Good thing it was a practice piece to see if I’m up to knitting the Spanish Tablecloth.  Which I am and plan to start working on soon and work on it between projects.  Or when I feel the urge to knit a doily.  its worked in pieces so its a nice inbetween project I think.

It only took two weeks and I felt amazing!

So do you think your animals are spoiled?  Or maybe I should ask is your cat regular?  If not give him Activia.  It works for Scruffy.  Yes, my parents cats eat breakfast at the table.  They get to lick out the Activa yogurt containers and eat their kitty treats. 

Why don't I get to sit at the breakfast table?

Abner thinks that he should be spoiled so.


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5 Responses to Will I, or Won’t I? That is the Question.

  1. Wow, that Spanish Tablecloth pattern looks gorgeous! I wish I had the patience to knit that for our table, but the one we got at Christmas time so we could seat DH’s family is epic, LOL!

  2. Robin says:

    Travelling Woman is on my to-do list and even have the yarn. Just haven’t started it yet.

  3. Mr Puffy says:

    Ohhhhh. Love that Traveling Woman shawl. Nice find ~ perfect for a luxury knit!

    As Simcha is a social climber by nature the task is to ensure his alpha desires stay in check. So I’d say our pet is not spoiled 🙂

  4. Kat says:

    They never spoiled their children that much. We had to sit on the floor at breakfast and eat out of the cat dish. 😉

  5. Jeanne says:

    I think I need to send Penny to you for a weekend – she cleans all of the other dog’s ears daily and the vet said they have never been so clean! I’m not sure why she does, but its funny to watch Duncan just sit there while she does it (he always looks happy).

    Good luck with the shawl – I hope you don’t run out of yarn – I hate that kind of stress!

    I spoil my cats/dogs – but apparently not to the level of your parents as we don’t involve them in breakfast!

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