Flip Flops

Have you ever noticed that flip flops are taking over the world!  Every where you go, and I mean everywhere you will see one, if not the majority of people, including men, wearing flip flops.  They come in all shapes, sizes, and categories from the rubber to the dress flip flops.  They are taking over.  Personally I hate flip flops!  Can’t stand them.  Refuse to wear them.  and really don’t like the sound they make when people walk by wearing flip flops.  Much to my chagrin, my sister and niece wear flip flops.  Not as often as most people. I do think some women don’t own a pair of shoes that are not a flip flop.  Anywho they started a blog called Flip Flop Nation.  And they want your pictures of people wearing flip flops.  Beware, if you live in Iowa and see a woman taking pictures of people’s feet,  its probably my sister.

With Django Driving...our Insurance is bound to go up

In other news the travelling woman shaw is coming along nicely.  When I finish I will literally force myself to finish the Forest Path Shawl.  And then I will endeavor to locate the perfect lace for my Cashmere/Silk yarn.  As well as start the Spanish Tablecloth.

Today will be a dead day at work, half the staff is gone, most of the attorneys will be in the office, but I don’t think anyone is in the mood to actually work.  We will get to watch them practice for the air show over the Mississippi River.  Hopefully. 

This weekend will be pizza, chicken wings, hamburgers, and wine.  Hopefully some sushi too.  Knitting and bike riding.  Getting my glasses fixed.  Buying dog food.  And Blocking my last two doilies I made.  Doesn’t my life sound exciting!


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7 Responses to Flip Flops

  1. Sarah Katie says:

    okay, so i really only wear flip flops for short distance things. they are a good summer shoe. yes i wear them to the pool, and yes i sometimes slip them on to ride my bike over to the library. i do like sandals though, and so i often do go towards flip flops because they are cheap. mostly flip flops are for running out to the garage in though, or i will sometimes wear them to work, because i end up taking my shoes off anyway. good thing i only work for my parents. my dad wears slippers at the office.

  2. janna says:

    I hate flip-flops — that little piece between my toes really annoys me! I do where the sort of slide-in wedges, though, and they make the same flip-flop noise.

  3. Chris says:

    Can’t wear them – I need arch support from my shoes, darn it. Also, I still hold a grudge from getting a crack between my toes from wearing them when I was a kid. It got infected and I was lucky I didn’t lose a toe or two.

  4. Kat says:

    Django sure did a good job parking the car.

  5. Kat says:

    Oh, and I hardly ever wear flip flops (I don’t even own a pair) I just am fascinated by them and the proliferation of them. (Although I do enjoy wearing Sarah’s out in the yard and getting them muddy) 😉

    I actually only have a couple of slip on sandals that does’t go all the way around my foot and they are not flip flops. The only pair that have anything that goes between my toes is a pair of Bjorn’s that have a leather ring that goes around ones big toe and then a wide strap that fits up high on the foot so they don’t flip and make that slapping sound when you walk. They are very comfortable and never cause any between the toe blisters. Although I don’t wear them as often as I’d like because I like to keep Fun Gus (my toe with issues) covered. Just thought you would want to know.

  6. Jeanne says:

    I love the picture – he’s such a cutie!

    I have to admit – I wear flip flops to work – and I love the sound they make 🙂

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