Do you have a fork?

I think silver goes beutifully with my fur.

Because I need one to stick in the Forest Path Shawl as it is done!  I finished the last 5 rows last night, which took longer than I had expected because Django decided to help several times by instantaneously leaping into my lap and pulling my stitches off the needle.  I started this shawl back in February 2007.  Of course it laid abandoned in a bag for 3 years.  I loved the entrelac design, hated the border as it was boring, and I had a love/hate relationship with the pattern itself, I found some of the written directions rather confusing and annoying, and since I’ve been in a very clutzy mood lately I was in no mood to tink and reread it forever.  I’m not happy how I bound it off, its going to be hard to block it wide enough now.  And right now because its not blocked you really can’t see the pattern at all.  But I’ll block it this weekend and then post pictures of it.  I’m hoping that even with my struggles with the binding off and the directions I’ll end up with a beautiful garment that will be worn proudly.

Unruly Cashmere-Silk

Immediately after binding off I started the Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl.  I’ve wanted to knit this pattern for years and then forgot about it.  Over the 3-day weekend a week ago I pulled out all my lace patterns including a binder of individual patterns I had bought and basically forgotten about.  This shawl matched the look I had in mind for my Cashmere/Silk Jade Sapphire Yarn and the colors brilliantly.  I’m in love with this yarn, it is the softest most amazing yarn I’ve ever knit with.  Although I must admit that on July 5th I wasn’t too happy with it, as the first skein I wound decided to be unruly.  I ended up having to wind it and untangle it by hand which took in excess of 12 hours!  But I was determined to not let this piece of luxury go to waste.  I still have a few feet wrapped around the swift that if I run out I’ll untangle, and if I have enough yarn with what I have wound will end up in the trash.  Its so tangled it in itself would probably take me hours upon hours and I’d end up with a lot of little teeny tiny balls.  The one skein of yarn is already in about 6 balls of yarn. 

Biggest Dog Baby

And to prove to you that Django is the biggest dog baby ever – here’s a picture of his favorite thing to do in the evening.


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10 Responses to Do you have a fork?

  1. Kathy says:

    Wahoo!!! i can hardly wait! However, please remember to tell me how easy this was to finish, otherwise I’ll be too scared to make mine, and I’ve wanted to make it for years. 🙂 I love the picture of your doggie — he loves you lots!

  2. Chris says:

    Congrats on finishing the FPS – but careful with that fork. You might snag it.

  3. Carrie K says:

    Whoo! Another WIP! Can’t wait to see it in all its blocked glory.

    Bad unruly yarn! Yay for taming (most) of it.

    Django has the right idea.

  4. Brandon lays like that a lot. Though he is considerably smaller than Django so he does not need to worry about loosing his title 🙂

  5. Mr Puffy says:

    Horray!!!! Seeing Django modeling your unblocked shawl reminds me to get going on my smoke ring kit – LOL

    Love your new project. Sivia Harding’s designs are stunning ~ great choice for that lushes yarn!

  6. Angel says:

    Wow- it is finally done- congrats and cannot wait to see it blocked!

  7. Jeanne says:

    Ugh – I hate when yarn doesn’t cooperate – I hope that you don’t have to untangle the rest of it. Enjoy your new project – you deserve a little knitting fun after sticking with the Forest Path!

    Django is such a cutie!

  8. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- You deserve some kind of award for finishing the fps-

    and for being such a great doggy mom.

  9. Kat says:

    I’m pretty sure you’re right about Django being raised by cats.

  10. Sonya says:

    I can’t wait to see it blocked! That is one amazing shawl. Guess what I bought at the store today. Tobasco! Thanks for the tip.

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