Its A Bizarre World

Yes, that's a big bottle of beer in the sky.

This has been a week of odd things.  Let’s start on Saturday, I went to the store with Nick, needed to use the restroom.  While in the restroom this little teeny girl comes up to me and asks if I have a quarter.  I dug around in my purse gave her a quarter, she says thanks and runs into the bathrrom stall.  I have no idea why she needed a quarter, I thought maybe her mom needed a quick supply purchase, but then it appeared this approximately 5 year old child was in the bathroom by herself. 

Then later that day at the zoo with friends, Nick and I were sitting on a bench waiting to watch Violet ride the carousel, when  little boy probably about 6 comes up to me and starts to hand me his trash and asks if I’d throw it away for him.  His mother quickly snatched the garbage and says to him, you don’t ask a stranger to throw out your trash for you, it is rude.  I thought it was funny and was actually happy he’d ask someone to throw his trash away rather than just dropping it on the ground. 

Then I was on my way to work, talking to my mom on the phone (I wear a hands-free headset), when I see this great big beer bottle hanging in the sky. I said to my mom, I’m either hallucenating or for some reason at 8:00 a.m. there’s a giant hot-air balloon beer bottle hanging over St. Louis. 

I finished the Tamarix baby blanket and its been gifted.  I have no idea how the gift was received, after all I work for the father of the baby and well we all know how men are with gifts that are for their offspring, at least the ones I’ve known have been typically unexcited.  But I did my duty, and its off my plate. 

On Friday, Nick asked me if I’d make him a felted bag for his Kalimba. I of course could not say no, and besides its a good use of the left-over yarn from my geometric afghan I finally finished.  I had an idea that this felted lunch bag in Knit One, Felt Too would be just about perfect size and shape.  So I showed him, he agreed but wanted some patterning to it.  So I pulled out my Alice Starmore, Fair Isle Knitting and had him show me some patterns he liked.   So Saturday I started and Monday night I finished the knitting of his Kalimba Bag.  I’m a little nervous about the felting as the difference between the stranded sections and the main body of knitting, but if it doesn’t work, its a few hours of knitting and I’ll give it another go.  Hopefully it’ll work beautifully.  We shall see.

Kalimba Bag

I still haven’t blocked the Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl.  Its sitting in a pile, in a box, on my end table.  Maybe this weekend.  Although its supposed to be quite beautiful and I’m hopeful for a bike ride or two. 

I have no idea what project I’ll tackle next, I’m in a very indecisive mood.  I may just knit some small projects for a while to see where the weather takes me.  I did start a pair of Octopus Mittens late last week.  I may just look through my yarn and see what calls out to me.  I’ve also been thinking about spinning again.  Oh how I hate and love these indecisive moods.


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6 Responses to Its A Bizarre World

  1. Robin says:

    Love the baby blanket and the bag. I would love to hear him play his Kalimba. You should post a little video.

  2. Jeanne says:

    The baby quilt is so nice – I’m sure the new parents love it!

  3. Mr. Puffy says:

    The blanket came out great!!!! I hope you do receive a thank you note from the Mom (even though you work for the father). I think when the gift it handmade it deserved more than a passing “thanks.” Just a pet peeve of mine because of the times it’s happened to me.

    Good luck with the bag felting. That’s a very complicated knit for just a couple of hours. I’m very impressed 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    Did you ever figure out what was up with the beer bottle??

    The blanket is gorgeous! Hope the bag works.

  5. I’m with Chris, what is the story of the beer bottle?

    The bag should be great for the Kalimba. What do the dogs do when he practices that instrument?

    The blanket is lovely and I’m sure the females of the baby’s family will all love it if the males are ambivalent.

  6. Angel says:

    The baby blanket is gorgeous and guess what I have been in the same indecisive mood about knitting myself…. something in the air I think.

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