The Great Procastination of Casting On

You know I have a bad case of knitting indecisiveness when I’m literally begging for overtime at work so I won’t have to face the decision of what to knit next.  Its work I’d be able to do at home, entering data, but that time would directly cut into my knitting.  Its because I simply can’t decide what I want to knit.  I currently have two works-in-progress the Knit Quilt from Knit Picks and Elizabeth.   But I do not want to knit either of them.  I’m simply over projects that I have to weave in a ton of ends, which would leave the Knit Quilt for the frogging pond, but since I may get over that hatred at some point, I’m leaving it as it is and not making any final decisions.  Elizabeth is in a similar category. I love the texture and design of Elizabeth, but I’m not thrilled with the color I choose, a very very light pink Silky Wool, although that I could get over, but its the overall design of the neck and shoulders of Elizabeth I’m really struggling with.  I’m so tired of knitting things I’ll end up never wearing that its quickly making me decide that it to should hit the frog pond.  I already have narrow shoulders, and I don’t think my thoughts on fixes are actually going to work.  Add that to the fact Nick’s Kalimba Bag was a total failure, I’m not feeling very confident in my knitting prowess. 

The Failed Kalimba Bag

Sidebar…so Nick’s Kalimba bag turned out as a total flop.  My concerns on the felting came true, it felted like a bell, or funky vase.  And Wool of the Andes is horrible for felting.  sorry Knit Picks, but it was so fuzzy and crazy that I’m pretty sure a muppet died in my washing machine.  I love and will continue to love Wool of the Andes as a good general wool, but never again for felting.  So I need to knit another Kalimba bag.  I’m thinking I might do a simple non-felted seed-stitch pouch type thing.  I need to mull it around in my head for a few days.

So the decision is, what do I want to knit.  And that is where I’m totally befuddled.  I have no idea.  Well I take that back, I do have an idea, back in November 2004 I went to Ireland, and I bought some yarn at Blarney Castle, well at the tourist trap near Blarney Castle.  I kissed the Blarney Stone and I bought yarn.  And since I was visiting Ireland with 7 non-knitters and well not even slightly crafty people, the fact I got to buy yarn at all is remarkable.  Anyway, so I have this cream Tivoli yarn, which is hard to buy outside of Ireland supposedly which is kinda cool, that I’ve never found a pattern for.  Alas, I finally have my copy of Aran Knitting and I think I will knit St. Brigid with it.   But considering my current mindset, I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle such a project.  But then again, maybe its exactly what I need!  Its about time, its been sitting in storage for 6 years.

Maybe its the fact is September 20 and its still 91 degrees outside!  Seriously the weather people must hate me.

Orange for Boy, Fuschia for Girl

Procrastinating a decision I did last week decide to knit a couple of pairs of mittens for one of my attorney’s kids.  He has 5 (or 6) year old twins, a boy and a girl.  I loved the Octopus Mittens from 60 Quick Knits and wanted to knit them but had no intended recipient, so it seemed to make sense.  Unlike my last knitted gift reception, these were received with great enthusiasm and appreciation.  He asked, “why, is it for some occassion.”  My answer was no, just because, which in my opinion is the best reason to give a gift.  He was thrilled and said he knew his kids would absolutely love them. 

The beer bottle balloon was apparently for a balloon race this weekend in St. Louis.   However for some odd reason, it was this morning preparing for flight on the grounds of the St. Louis Arch

So I’m sure at some point here, I’ll face my indecision, or maybe its more of facing my fear of knitting another castrophe sweater and I’ll cast on for St. Brigid.  I did at least pull the storage space bag with the yarn in it out from my storage racks in the basement this evening, I just haven’t faced the task of casting on.

I did find a fun thing this weekend at Michael’s.  They had a whole line of objects in the $1.00 bins dealing with texture.  But guess what the textures were, knit fabric.  They had notepads, gift wrap, notecards, pencils with the pattern on them, and memo pads.  I couldn’t help myself, I bought quite a few items.  But how could I withstand for $1 a piece!

The boys are ready for fall and winter so t here’s more outside time and soccer/frisbee playing.  And for Django just investigating.  For now they are stuck inside watching the world outside (although we have gotten outside for play time quite a few times in the last week).

Texture at Michaels

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10 Responses to The Great Procastination of Casting On

  1. Sarah Katie says:

    i’m procrastinating getting my shrug knit, i know once i get it going it will be done really quick, but yet…

    i am in wait for yarn now to finish a wedding gift too, which is going to become boring quickly i think, throws generally are fairly boring.

    my vest is at a halt, and i really should get to work on it.

  2. Chris says:

    That is a very cute tiny top hat, if not a bag. I hope you felted that thing in a zippered pillowcase, or you might want to pull the washer apart to check the motor and the drain….

  3. Mr. Puffy says:

    It makes THE perfect leprechaun hat! Go IRISH!!!!!

    I’m distrubed to hear your concerns about Elizabeth. I’m thinking of starting that one soon and haven’t look closely at the pattern but might do that now before I order yarn.

  4. CatMyers says:

    Love the Leprechaun hat, Rebekah! 😀 I have found that Cascade 220 gives me the most consistent results for felting – but the fluffier felts are nice too if you’re making felted clogs. You just have to watch them like a hawk that they don’t do exactly what this one did – felt down to the size of a tiny person. I’ve given away a couple of pair of felted clogs that I did that with.

    I’ve been in an indecisive knitting mood lately too. I THINK I’ve finally settled on a project though. I’m un-knitting the sweater I was making, and apparently it will become multiple projects rather than one big one. Sigh. So far it’s a hat. Next, it will be a rectangular shawl. I hope. (I keep ripping out projects I start with it.)

    I love the mittens you made. So glad the recipient Dad was appreciative this time.

  5. Rebekah,

    Glad to hear you use Space Bag to store your yarn! Feel free to visit the Space Bag online community, Space Savers, if you would like organization and space-saving tips. We’d love to hear your product review or user story at

    Space Savers community correspondent

  6. Carrie K says:

    I thought it was a cute top hat too. Muppet died in your washer, LOL!

    Cast on something new. It’s always the answer. I might fool with the neck of my Elizabeth – it looks drapey and too deep. We’ll see.

  7. Brigitte says:

    Oh, you MUST knit St. Brigid! It is still my all-time favourite project. I LOVE it, and will probably knit it again.

    I personally see nothing wrong with having multiple projects. Much like Carrie K.

  8. Sonya says:

    Definitely knit St. Brigid. It’s my all-time favorite too. It’s very well written and Alice goes step by step.

    I keep chuckling at the image of a dead muppet in your washer.

  9. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- I think we’re inhabiting the same place- Planet Indecision.

    Love the octopus mitts- so cute!

  10. Lifesastitch says:

    Oh that fickle felting, I had a hat come out terribly years ago. Now I’ll only do patterns with yarns other’s have used successfully. You’d think, though, that a bag would be foolproof.

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