10 Knitterly Things About Me

  1. I like knitting just about anything, and enjoy knitting with nearly all types of fiber.
  2. If I had to pick a favorite type of knitting I’d probably pick color-work like fair-isle or stranded.  Even though I haven’t done a huge amount of it.  I love watching the patterns emerge.
  3. While I am someone who always has to wear socks, I don’t knit socks very often.  Mostly because I always seem to lose my socks, and I can’t stand the sorrow of a lost hand-knit sock.
  4. I tend to be easily swayed to try a pattern or join a knit-a-long and then regret doing so (although I’m determined to not join another knit-a-long just because of this pattern with me).
  5. If I could only knit with one yarn for the rest of my life, it’d be Cascade 220, it is a very good basic yarn.
  6. I love knitting books, patterns, magazines, websites, anything that shares a pattern with me.  I have over 300 publications in my house.
  7. All these books sometimes overwhelm me that when I’m looking for a pattern I look online and forget about my wealthy library.  I’m tryin to utilize Ravelry’s search page and look in patterns I own to solve that problem.
  8. My most used knitting tool, are my golf counters, they have two counters which is perfect for counting both rows and pattern repeats.  But now I can’t find them any more where I bought them and mine are starting to fail.  I’m going to have to find a subsitute.  These were only a $1.87 so they are useful and a bargain.
  9. I prefer circular needles to straight needles, even if I’m not knitting in the round.
  10. I hate finishing.  I’m terrible at it.  Probably because it requires time and patience, which is something I really lack at.  But again, I’m hoepful that I can improve on these things.

So now tell me something knitterly about you!  Or better yet, post a post on your blog (if you have one) of 10 Knitterly Things About You.

I’m in a self-improvement mode.  I’ve gained some weight back, fortunately not all the weigh I lost back, but enough that I know I have to start making some changes in my daily routine.  So I decided to start 90-days of Self-Improvement.  Each day I’ll modify one aspect of my daily routine.  There’s a quote I have taped to my monitor at work: 

“Success if found in making small lifestyle changes for their own sake rather than for loosing weight.  Forever is the key concept, ever mindful of the process you design, and ever learning from your mistakes.”  Unknown Author.

Its very true though.  Its the little things that you can keep up that make the most positive changes in your life.  So to track my daily changes, I started a blog.  90 Days of Self-Improvement

Cousin Norman

I finally found a picture of Cousin Norman (he’s the dog).  Its driving me insane as I seem to have lost all my Alaska pictures.  This one I had fortunately printed out so I just scanned it.

That’s my niece laying on Norman and my mom being layed on my Norman.

Well back to knitting my sleeve of St. brigid.  After finishing two skeins of yarn on the body, I decided I’d knit one of the sleeves.  I figured if I could knit each sleeve with one and a half skeins of yarn, that I would have enough yarn to finish St. Brigid.  So far its looking pretty good.  I have 30 rows left and the saddle to knit of the first sleeve and I still have enough yarn to probably knit about 5-10 rows from the first skein.  Now of course this part of the sleeve continues to get a little bigger with every 4 rows, but I at least have hope I’ll have enough yarn now where when I finished two skeins of the body I had little hope it’d be enough.  Time will tell.

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10 Responses to 10 Knitterly Things About Me

  1. Robin says:

    How do you lose your socks!? I like the concept of the 90 day improvement. I need to do that myself. Great idea.

  2. Mr. Puffy says:

    I don’t need to write this list out – I could practically just copy yours! But my favorite work horse yarn would be Rowan.

    Steve really has to watch his weight. One of the things that really puts weight on him is eating out. That means we eat at home virtually 7 nights a week which I don’t like because I never get to eat out!

  3. Lesley says:

    What a beautiful boy! I wish I remembered how many skeins of 220 I started with. I bought the yarn ages and ages ago and I didn’t really keep records

  4. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- Norman looks like a cool dog. Love the name.

    I’ve been walking every day since May- and feel much better for it. The weight loss is a bonus- just feeling healthy is the goal.

  5. Kristi says:

    I have to agree that my list would be quite similar to yours. I had to take an unfortunate break from a *really* fun stranded project I can’t wait to share. I cut two fingers on Monday so knitting has been out, but I think I’m going to try it in short bursts today.

  6. Kat says:

    I love golf counters, too (although I now have an app for my i-pod that is a fabulous counter and you can keep a count for each project). Try a golf shop or maybe a big sports store, not Bass Pro Shop, they don’t seem to have golf stuff, though it is my favorite store.

    Just a question for Robin – How do you keep from losing socks, we really need your secret. I have a large wooden box (not a badger) filled with one sock from a pair, its mate never to return. Usually I just have to wear two different socks because most of my socks are now onesies. Of course I am Rebekah’s older sister, maybe it runs in the family.

    See my blog for the 10 knitty things about me.

  7. Chris says:

    Your shawl (previous post) is gorgeous!

    Circular needles are my very favorite, too. I’ll go to a lot of effort to avoid use DPNs…

  8. Sydney says:

    I’m not too picky about my knitting needles. I usually knit socks with dpns but otherwise it’s whatever I have available. As long as the points are good and the needles aren’t too “sticky”, I’m happy. My favorite type of knitting is lace.

    I’ve lost my exercise mojo lately. I need to get back on track.

  9. Lifesastitch says:

    I’ve learned to accept the finishing of projects, I won’t go so far as say I really like it. It gets done relatively pain free, though.

  10. Carrie K says:

    It’s a Norman sandwich!

    I hate finishing too. I think it’s more because then it’s all done and there’s no going back. Or possibly I’m lazy.

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