Knit-World We Have a Problem

Well actually we have two, well 3 if you count my hair catching on fire a couple weeks back.  But that’s an old problem. 

I'm pretty sure this is a window, not a door.

Problem 1.  With Norman’s arrival we’ve had to upgrade the doggy door leading to the pups’ kennel.  Now this was supposed to have been done many years ago, but remained a project in constant flux.  But Nick finally got the door together and the new/old door was rehung on its hinges last night with the new larger and more economical because it keeps the heat in and the cold air out doggy door.  Yep, the dogs can’t quite figure it out.  The center is a lovely plexiglass which Django things apparently is a window and every dog knows you look out windows you don’t go through windows.  With much coaxing and many treats we did get him to use it a couple of times, but he still won’t use it on his own.  ABner seems to have adjusted.  He doesn’t like how the door springs back on him, but he’ll get used to eventually.  Django I’m not so sure, he can be so particular sometimes.  Hopefully by the time Norman gets here this weekend, they’ll have figured it out.

Problem 2.  I am pretty sure I’m going to be one skein short for my sweater.  I wound the rest of the yarn I have last night, and its 4 skeins, and I still have one skein attached to the first sleeve to make the saddle of which 90% of the skein will be left when I’m done with that.  I need one of the 4 skeins I wound last night for my other sleeve, and the neck, which I think will have about 40% of the skein leftover.  Which would leave me with about 3.4 skeins for the remainder of the body.  And I need a solid 4 based on the amount of rows I’m getting per skein.  So I have three options 1) frog it (*sigh* I don’t want to do that I’m nearly halfway done with it); 2) Shorten the body by24 rows, but I really think this will end up being two short; and 3) buy one skein of the right color but wrong colorway from a Ravelry person that has some for sale.  While I think this isn’t a good option because who knows how different the colorways are, I think I might try it.  Hopefully it’ll be close enough.

Oh and my hair on fire, well long hair, open flame on restaurant table, you can see the rest.  Fortunately one of my co-workers saw it happen and lunged at me and put it out quickly so you really can’t tell.  This was the day after I spilled piping hot tomato soup all over myself and my cubicle and had to go buy a whole new outfit at Macy’s at lunch so I could work the rest of the day without smelling like tomato soup.  It was quite the week.


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7 Responses to Knit-World We Have a Problem

  1. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- The fun never stops- nothing smells worse than burnt hair- ouch!

  2. Mr. Puffy says:

    That was one awful week alright 😦 I can’t believe your hair caught on fire – that is a fear of mine because I’m always burning candles and leaning over reaching for things!&!

    So funny about the doggy door. They will ALL “get it” and love it in time – LOL

    But alas the sweater is a tough one. I would tend to buy that skein and cross my fingers. Worst case scenario you can make it into a hat or some other matching accessory.

  3. Angel says:

    I have heard that if you have the right color but wrong dye lot that you can “blend” it in with the rest of a sweater by alternating the skeins as you work up the rows (one row the odd dye lot, one row the regular dye lot) it seems that plays a trick on the eye and makes the colors blend. Perhaps try that?

  4. CatMyers says:

    What a pretty sweater! I hope the last skein matches. Sometimes they do – or at least I can’t tell the difference. If there’s a way you can alternate, I’d definitely do that. Could be the cabling will be enough to make any color difference unnoticeable. Oh, and my money’s on Django figuring the door out. He was probably just having fun with you knowing you’d “treat” him if he looked helpless enough.

  5. #1 dog would not use a dog door to come back inside. Not even for cheese. We’ve never tried it with #2 dog, maybe he’d teach #1 dog? But the door that came installed into our house is either open or closed and we back up on an open space so DH prefers it not be used. If we were to go with one we’d want one where the animals have to wear a transmitter on their collar I think, but since we don’t know that it’d get used we haven’t bothered with the expense.

    What a bummer about the sweater. I hate when that sort of thing happens. One trick to making use of a different dyelot is to alternate working one row from each dyelot. If they are pretty close it usually works fairly well. Good luck!

  6. Lesley says:


    Get the wrong dye lot and alternate them. I’ll hold my breath until it works!!

  7. Robin says:

    Well, you’ve definitely had some excitement, haven’t you??!!

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