Arts and Crafts Weekend

I'm from Alaska! I don't need a scarf! Even if it is my grandfather's.

I’m knitting, I’m weaving, I’m ignoring my work I was supposed to do.  But you know, I think that’s okay.  I’ve been working an awful lot lately and having 4 days off is wonderful.  Although I may work tomorrow.  I’ve been knitting a lot on St. Brigid, since I’m knitting th body in the round, I’m about 5 cm shy of stopping in the round and splitting for the armholes.  The new yarn is mixing in well, I can’t even really see a difference. 

I’ve also been weaving my dad a scarf.  Since he has complained I have not knit him anything, I decided my second project off my loom would be a scarf for my dad regardless of how awful it looks.  I told my mom that he can tell people his daughter made it in Arts and Crafts, and hopefully they’ll just think a 7-year old made it. 

I also have plans this weekend to make Springerle cookies and finish the Kalimba bag.  I just need to get my sewing machine out (for the bag, not the cookies).

A Wabbit Hunting I Will Go

We’ve played outside with the dogs, even though it rained for two days and the ground is pure mud, it was cold enough this morning to still go out and not bring the entire backyard back into the house with us in the dogs paws.  Norman is settling in better each day.  Although I introduced him today to the neighbor, and she told me that Django has been outside barking at Norman for hours and hours.  She’s yelled at him several times during the day to go to his room, which fortunately Django obeys her well and does.  But her husband works nights and sleeps during the day, so unfortunately Norman is going to be stuck inside the house now when we are gone.  WE can’t have the dogs waking up the neighbors constantly.  But Norman doesn’t really mind staying in the house.

What don't all dogs keep bits of yarn on their head?

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6 Responses to Arts and Crafts Weekend

  1. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- These doggies are worse than kids.

  2. Sydney says:

    Oh you’ve been having a fun, crafty weekend! It looks like you’re having fun with your loom. I really need to drag mine out one of these days.

    Poor Norman. At least he’s starting to settle in.

  3. Mr. Puffy says:

    Love your Dad’s scarf – 7 year old project – not!!!!

    Let me tell you what has saved my sanity and controlled the barking – it’s the PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer. We now have a quiet dog at night where he used to bark all night long at the coyotes. If this can control my dog’s barking – I would be amazed if it didn’t help.

  4. Carrie K says:

    Your scarf looks perfect and not the work of a 7 year old unless they’re a savant. Sheesh. Even if Norman is too cool (literally, ha) for it. I’d love to stay inside all day long lounging about.

    Yes, all dogs do! Cats too. What else would you keep on your head?

  5. Chris says:

    Sounds like you had a really productive weekend!

  6. kat says:

    So I suppose I’ll have to make him a hat, so he doesn’t love you more.

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