2011 – Already?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I spent a month in Kansas City, in a hotel, with 8 attorneys, pulling my hair out?  Nope, it was a year ago, and funny enough, that two months of intensive work….still no ruling from the Judge.  Oh well, makes for an interesting day, each day waiting, holding our collective breaths waiting for that ruling that we all feel is iminent.  Its been a year already! 


So 2011, what do I expect of thee.  More insane work, hopefully  more bike riding, more enthusiasm about being healthy, less enthusiasm about buying yarn.  What do I hope to accomplish?  Well I hope to become confident in my new adventure of weaving, mastering plain weave, and then venturing into more sophisticated aspects.  Exactly what those are, well I’m still processing the concept of what that means.  My only other crafting thought, is I want to make my dad a sweater.  My other goal for this year is to have no goals. 

St. Brigid, is nearing a milestone. I have about two evenings worth of knitting to do and the body will be finished.  So then I’ll just have a sleeve and the neck.  Who knows, I may even finish it in time to wear it one day to work this winter season.

Oh, so to fill you all in, for the past few months I’ve had about 30-40 heart palpitations a day.  I finally decided to check in with a doctor about it, and although my job is stressful I’ve had no unusual amount or added stress in the past few months.  So he had me wear a heart monitor and my last post I was anxiously awaiting those results.  He figured it wouldn’t find anything and we’d conclude that it was my high blood pressure which I’ve consistently had high readings over my past 5 years visiting the doctor, but we’ve never done anything about it because its high, but not that high.  So, I now have the monitor results back, which I was anxiously awaiting for over a week, and the results “no significant abnormalities”.  I’ll meet with my doctor in a week about those, but chances are its time for blood pressure medicine which will hopefully get rid of this annoying symptom.

But other than that all is well.  I am just the worst person to be waiting for anything and I get really anxious over it. hmmmm maybe that’s why I have high blood pressure.  Actually pretty sure that is hereditary.  My dad had high blood pressure, grandmother has for years, and my brother has it as well. 

Waiting for a treat

Unfortunately Norman’s time with us is now limited.  He’ll be heading out to Richmond in about 5 weeks.  Although I keep hoping something changes and I get to keep him longer!  He’s such a snuggle bug.


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6 Responses to 2011 – Already?

  1. Carrie K says:

    Waiting anxiously for a treat. Aw, only a few weeks with Norman left! But at least you got that time together.

    Maybe that’s why you do have the high blood pressure, lol! But I think you’re stuck with your personality. Yay that the results don’t show any big problems!!

  2. monica says:

    Such a cute group of puppers waiting for treats!! Happy New Year to all of you!

  3. Kathy says:

    I look forward to your 2011 yarny/weavy adventures. I’m glad the heart monitor found nothing wrong and hope the meds clear things up. As a side benefit, the medicine will help with headaches/migraines, if you suffer from those.

  4. Chris says:

    Medication really makes a difference – my dad and my brother are both on it. *knocks on wood* I have normal (low end) blood pressure, fortunately – I really have enough health issues already.

  5. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- I’m glad you’re okay- but I understand about waiting for results- that’s enough to GIVE you high blood pressure.

    Aw, Norman- does he really have to go home?

  6. I’m glad the heart monitor didn’t turn up anything more serious. HP drugs seem to be okay to deal with from what I can tell from my parents and grandparents (I’m low so far, knock on wood).

    Sorry to hear Norman’s time is limited now. Brandon is a snuggle bun too and I’d miss him terribly! Emma is super independent most of the time. Though Brandon’s constant need for attention has caused her to seek attention more regularly – even inviting herself for an overnight in the bed once in a while!

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