Big Blue – AKA St. Brigid

Believe me, its huge.

Its done.  I ended up ripping out the neck with the braid and redid it with a turtleneck.  The good news is the neck is now wearable without looking silly, the bad news is the sweater is so huge it looks silly (although this picture isn’t too bad).  Its a pregnancy sweater for someone who’s caring triplets, at least.  And its turning everything I touch blue.  My chair at work is blue.  My pants are blue.  And there are bits of blue fuzz floating around the office.  Oh and its HOT!  Very, very hot.  Its about 3 degrees outside, I think if I went outside and stood in the cold that I may stop sweating.  Maybe.  I think I may have to shrink it carefully in order to make it more wearable.  But its done, I’ll put it in a big plastic bag tonight, as if I don’t it’ll get blue on everything, and I’ll figure out my next step.  Do I just love it because its oversized and huge and hot, or do I try to gently felt it enough to make it less huge, it’ll still be hot, but I can handle one of the two problems with it.

Next up, well I’m really not sure.  Definitely not a sweater.  I’m knitting a pair of mittens at the office at lunch.  But as for a knitting at home project, I’m a tad stumped.  I think I’m going to start my mom’s tablecloth and I may also start a big huge wool shawl to wear as a coat, since I hate wearing actual coats.  I really have no inclination as to what my brain really wants to do, which is a first.  I guess I’ll figure it out.  I do kinda feel like knitting a lace-weight shawl, but I really rarely wear them and I already have quite a few.  Decisions decisions.

Norman the biggest dog with the even bigger heart.

Norman leaves in 3 weeks.  FEbruary 26, we say good-bye to the big guy, well at least adieu.  As since he’s going to live with my brother I hope I’ll see him again someday.  Who knows I may just have to take a trip to Virginia this year to see him.  Who cares about seeing my brother, its about Norman.

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9 Responses to Big Blue – AKA St. Brigid

  1. Angel says:

    The sweater is gorgeous- really something, even if it is huge.

    How did you all weather the storm? Here in Texas it is brutally cold- as in it hovers in the 20s during the day and drops way down at night. So bad that we had rolling blackouts all day yesterday because the state utilities could not handle the electricity overload. I found myself teaching in a dark, cold classroom yesterday morning with shivering students….

  2. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- I think St. B turned out beautifully, and you can now layer it over other things- so it’s all good.

    I visit people’s animals, not them.

  3. socksformum says:

    My Inishmann sits in a bag in the closet because it, too, is huge on me. Ah well, we experienced knitting something fabulous, right? My St. Brigid ended up as a pillow…..just a thought.

  4. CatMyers says:

    Wow, that’s a beautiful sweater Rebekah. What kind of yarn did you use? I wonder if you did kind of a mild felting on it if you’d also accomplish washing out the extra dye that’s crocking all over the place. Yep – I go visit dogs too. In fact, my son told me I need to come visit so I can meet his new puppy. (Not to mention see my three grandchildren!) LOL He knows me pretty well.

  5. Chris says:

    Oh, it looks lovely! I’m sorry to hear about the fit and the color thing and the heat… Maybe you could steek it and turn it into a cardi? That would make it less hot, and easy to remove if it got too hot.

  6. Carrie K says:

    That’s the trouble with Alice Starmore’s sweaters – big & boxy. It is gorgeous though and looks pretty good on you in that pic! When your body chemistry morons into freezing, yol be able to wear it layered. 🙂

    Cutting & sewing might not be a bad idea either.

  7. I was going to suggest felting. I had a really good result felting a too big sweater.

  8. It does look rather large, but roomy can be nice on cold weekends for snuggling up and reading. You’ll definitely have to go visit Norman!

  9. kat says:

    knit a matching belt, and where it with leggings, and uggs … you’d look really trendy. 🙂

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