Love It, Hate It, Can’t Put it Down

Can you see the awesome reverseyness

I started the Reversible Celtic Baby Blanket last Wednesday.  Its tedious.  Each row takes several hours to knit as you are technically knitting two rows, one on each side of the blanket.  Its going to be one of those projects that will NEVER be finished. I’m already saying this and I’m only one-week into the project.  But I can’t seem to put it down either.  I love waiting to finish the row and see the pattern emerging on both sides, in reversed colors.  There’s something magical about it.  Yet at the same point I question my sanity for continuing to knit this tedious beast.  Beware too, if you ever decide to knit this pattern, her written instructions aren’t so great, in fact if you follow them you end up with stripes.  Which is cool, but isn’t at all what the pattern calls for.  So I kinda winged it and its working out.  The charts are absolutely fine though.  And since I’ve never written a pattern I have no room to critisize. 

Of course, as I always do, I’m questioning whether I have enough yarn.  I will assess tonight and decide tomorrow whether or not to order from Webs while Encore is still on sale and hopefully I can still get the same dyelot.

I also feel like I’m cheating on my mom’s tablecloth.  There it sits this past week with 169 rows knit and about 8 bazillion more rows to go.  But the baby is due in december and Mom’s 50th isn’t until August 2012.  I’m thinking I’ll rotate them week by week, once I’m able to put the afghan down.

Django is not happy with our weather.  It has stormed so much and he absolutely hates it.  But doesn’t he look so cute and fluffy!


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7 Responses to Love It, Hate It, Can’t Put it Down

  1. Mr. Puffy says:

    Django does look clean and fluffy! That’s the nice part about rain ~

    I know what you mean about your Mom’s gift. I promised my Mom a shawl for Mother’s day but work has been so mentally exhausting I can’t concentrate on a complicated lace pattern.

    Good luck and enjoy working on your blanket!

  2. Chris says:

    Double knitting terrifies me. You’re so brave!

    He is looking very fluffy. 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    I echo the sentiment on the double knitting. I’ve never tried it and it does seem intimidating, so i will live vicariously through you on this one. And it’s so nice to see Django, even if he isn’t too enthused about the weather.

  4. Carrie#K says:

    Django looks quite fluffy and lovely.

    I’ve always wanted to try double knitting. Celtic anything is a brave start! At least it’ll keep you engaged.

    It makes sense to rotate projects. I think I’d go out of my mind working on just one.

  5. He looks like he’s smiling for the camera 🙂

  6. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- Django is fluffy. I would be out there playing with him.

  7. CatMyers says:

    I’m going to start that blanket one of these days too…it’ll probably end up being for my great grandchildren! LOL

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