Wednesday Wow!

In an effort to post more and whine less I’m going to try to theme my days.  Wednesday will be Wednesday Wow, and I will traverse my friends on Ravelry and post one of the projects I love of theirs. 

This week: CarrieK’s Eve(R) Elegant.  They are really some elegant looking gloves. 

Other wowing things….this weekend….wait don’t faint, you may want to sit down for this….but I’m going to cook!  I know, its unbelieable, but my husband is actually going to let me in the kitchen.  I have some vacation time to use up before the end of June, so I took this Friday off, next Friday off, and then I have 2 more days in June scheduled which I’m going to go to Iowa during to see my folks, sister and her family, and my grandmother.  So anyway, this Friday I’m going to make a Grilleged Vegetable Lasagna and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  Saturday I’m going to make this Chicken Relleno Bake I used to make years and years ago when we were first married, and then Sunday we’ll eat leftover Lasagna.  Of course this is my current plan, we’ll see if Nick doesn’t interfere with the cooking as he usually does, but that’s why I’m making the more difficult dish on Friday when he won’t be home!

In Abner News….Abner is now 7 1/2 and he’s developed fatty tumors.  The doctor says its typical for labs to get these, and until they get to be the size of a lemon we don’t need to worry about having them removed.  I can just imagine Abner when he’s 12 with lemon size lumps all over his body!  But they are on his body which is better than his legs, and so far there are only two.  So its no big deal, but a lemon, really!  She said she had one patient that waited until the tumor was over 5 pounds to have it removed from her dog.  I can’t even imagine what that must have looked like.  Poor pup.  Of course Abner doesn’t mind at all, because we have to give him full body massages on a weekly basis to monitor and make sure no new lumps have popped up and grown rapidly and his two current tumors aren’t growing too fast.  If they grow rapidly they have to be removed.


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3 Responses to Wednesday Wow!

  1. Susan says:

    Oh, Abner!! I’ve had one lab who got the fatty tumors in his old age, though I did once meet a lab who had them all over her body. It is distressing to find the tumors because you keep thinking that there is something horribly wrong, but if they are all full of lipids, then they are a manageable nuisance. (And your vet seems to be quite good.) Our lab who had them lived to be almost 13 and none of his fatty tumors ever got big enough to remove. Most of them stayed relatively flat and didn’t bother him in the least. I hope Abner has a similar experience.

  2. Carrie#K says:

    Oh wow, thanks Rebekah!

    Your chicken relleno casserole sounds fabulous but then again, I so love chili rellanos.

    Poor Abner! But as long as their benign he’ll be fine.

  3. Kelly says:

    Poor Abner! Mum and dad’s dog, a shepherd/husky mix had a huge one too. We removed it once and they said it was nothing to worry about.
    I love your header of the two of them, sooo cute.

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