Friday Fun

I changed my mind.  Friday’s theme will be Friday Fun. Because really Friday is about having fun.  I need to start thinking and worrying about my fitness, but this is a knitting blog and well it should be about knitting. 

I love knitting toys.  In fact I think I like knititng toys more than anything else.  There’s something satsifying about constructing a 3-d object and then the joy of the child that receives it.  And toys can be any color, any size, anything you may want it to be. 

Today’s featured project is another one by CatMyers.  When I saw her post this on her blog I fell in love with it.  Not only is Carmen Banana adorable on her own, she has an impressive wardrobe!

I'm a Jealous Boy

Today’s a day off, and well instead of cleaning like I had originally intended, I’m off to have some fun (after I buy Nick’s anniversary present – tickets to the Return to Forever show).  Well I don’t know how much fun I’m going to have, I’m going shopping and I truly hate shopping, but it’ll at least be a little more enjoyable than cleaning.  As long as I get home in time to make dinner.

In Django News. Well Django is the same as Django ever was. Jealous of any attention that anyone is getting but him.  I’d blame it on being a rescue dog, but he’s been living in the lap of snuggle luxury for nearly 4 years now! Can you believe he’s been a part of our lives that long.  It doesn’t seem possible, but for some reason he makes the home complete.


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2 Responses to Friday Fun

  1. Carrie#K says:

    Four years? Really? wow, time flies.

    I went shoe shopping this morning and found a pair! So I will pass on my good shopping mojo to you too, since normally I loathe it with the heat of a hundred suns.

    Carmen Miranda does indeed have an impressive wardrobe! I was off perusing her in Ravelry and was startled to see I hadn’t replied to YOUR post! lol

  2. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- Carmen Banana, that’s funny.

    Has Django been around 4 years? It sure doesn’t seem that long.

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