Tuesday Twos

Mittens, socks, and gloves.  All must be made two by two.  Okay well maybe not technically but most likely if you are knitting a mitten you’ll be knitting a mate.  So Tuesday will be now Tuesday Twos.  I will highlight a neat mitten, glove, and occassionally a sock pattern I like.  I really do like knitting mittens and gloves, I really don’t like knitting socks, but that is probably because I lose socks. 

Today’s Two is Hungry Hungry Hippos by Monica.  These are fantasticly fun. 

Isn’t Abner handsomein Nick’s hat!  He’s such a sweet dog.  Although yesterday he tried to bring a very large stick through his doggy door.  When he couldn’t get the whole stick in he brought in pieces.  At least he didn’t take anything out to his kennel.  Lately he’s been surfing off of all the counters in the kitchen during the day and taking prizes to his kennel.


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5 Responses to Tuesday Twos

  1. CatMyers says:

    Both of your boys are handsome! Love Abner’s resourcefulness! Hey, thanks for the link love. I have been having so much fun knitting Carmen Banana (also known as “Ursula S. Monkey”) -and her stuff. I need to get her in the mail to her owner though, and will just knit and send more outfits as I get them done. Eventually going to make the boy one and another girl for me so I can have the set. Sigh. So many projects in the queue…so little time!! 😉

  2. Kelly says:

    ohhhh Abner you and Boss would get along so well. He has a Paddy hat, and we talk about him having a bubble pipe too. Maybe mum could pick you up one??

  3. monica says:

    Abner looks so dapper in his hat!! Thanks for the Tuesday link. 🙂

  4. lynette says:

    i love your Tuesday Twos idea. Abner looks so distinguished.

  5. Carrie#K says:

    TWO? Uh oh. That’s what I’ve been missing….. 🙂

    Her hippos are cute! Not as cute as Abner though.

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