Thursday Threads

Today is much calmer outside, its rainy and gloomy and the temperature is low, so in other words it is absolutely a perfect day for my husband.  I have very little energy, maybe it is because I’m looking forward to a 4-day weekend.  Tomorrow I plan to weave a baby blanket, or at least part of one.  I have some errands I must run, for instance I’m terrible and have never mailed the two chemo caps I made for my friend’s mom and she’s now lost her hair.  I HAVE TO MAIL THEM TOMORROW.  I also need need to start a couple of hats for my husband’s aunt.  She was just diagnosed this week with a very aggressive form of breast cancer.  In fact before they do her masectomy they’ll be doing rounds of chemo.  Why is it that it is easy to knit things, but hard to mail them?

Today’s highlighted project is from Knittingham.  She knits the most beautiful things, but I found the Norwegian Woods Shawl on her Ravelry Page and fell in love, I’m not sure if I like the pattern or the color, or maybe its a combo of both, but its gorgeous! 

I think I have some hidden issues with putting my pets in hats.


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One Response to Thursday Threads

  1. Angel says:

    I saw your post yesterday about the whole going under the stairwell and I had a flashback to my first week in Ohio. Just as I was unpacking all my boxes in the farmhouse I was moving into the tornado sirens went off and the sky was green… I remember grabbing the pets and crawling into a dark, spiderwebby closet that was under the stairwell (the coat closet to be exact) with my phone and a weather radio and shaking in fright… in a new town, a new state, and tornado sirens….anyway all turned out well, and I am glad that things have calmed down for you.

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