Friday Fun

I need some fun, while I’m home from work today supposed to be weaving, it hasn’t gone as planned.  I’m home from work, but work is panicking because some discs won’t work.  I attempted to explain it to the attorney last night, so they could go back to the counsel that provided, but of course he didn’t listen.  So today when the counsel that produced the discs said it was our fault, he couldn’t explain, and so now of course its my fault, and I’m not there to defend myself.  And to top it off I couldn’t weave, because I couldn’t find the yarn I thought I had.  Although I found yarn for another blanket to weave for another co-worker’s child due in September.

So for Friday Fun today is from Mr. Puffy.  I love elephants, especially colorful elephants.  Miss Elly is a beuatiful and fun pink elephant.  They have made me happy since I was a little girl and the one thing I looked forward to seeing at my grandmother’s house was the giant pink elephant. 

I’m home today with the boys, and they seem happy.  And tonight we are making smores in our chimenea.  I don’t think that is spelled right.  Oh well the smores won’t mind that I can’t spell chiminea.


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One Response to Friday Fun

  1. Carrie#K says:


    Don’t you love it when they don’t get it and it’s your fault? Clearly they expected you to show up on your day off.

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