Thursday Threads

Once again it is already Thursday and time for me to share a lace or doily type project.  This week I chose one from the Knitting Doctor.  Her Peacock Feathers Shawl is beautiful, and it is a pattern I intend to knit some day. 

A week ago the night time temperatures were in the low 40’s and tomorrow the heat index here in St. Louis is going to be over 100.  Seriously this year’s weather is one to marvel at.  It makes absolutely no sense. 

I'm an Italian Bird, I like my spaghetti with marinara

Project wise I’m still working on the tablecloth, of course, I think I’ll be working on it up until August 2012, it is going to take a very long time.  The Double-Knit Blanket is going well, slow, a long night’s knitting only results in about 2.5 rows being knit.  The chemo cap for Nick’s aunt, is coming along as well, it is my lunch-time knitting.  And at some point here I really do need warp the loom for the rest of the log-cabin project and I need to knit some baby bibs for the co-worker who’s a knitter and due in July.  It is a good thing i’m heading to Iowa in a couple weeks, it usually provides some hours of knitting while I visit with my folks.


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2 Responses to Thursday Threads

  1. Lorette says:

    Thanks for the nice comments! You should knit this. It looks very complicated, but the pattern is just perfectly written.
    That bird just makes me smile!

  2. Chris says:

    Our weather has been the same – it’s SOOOOOO crazy.

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