Method Monday – Double-Knitting

Monday’s will be about different methods of knitting, or types of knitting, or concepts, etc.  Today its about Double-Knitting.  I had never really done proper double-knitting until working on this baby blanket (which is the size of a small adult afghan), and I must admit while sometimes the slowness of the project is annoying I love the resulting fabric.  I have owned the book Double Knitting by M’Lou Baber for some time, but have never knit anything from it, and I must admit that I am considering something from it now.  The coats in it are phenomenol, and now I wish I would have done the baby blanket in that book instead of the celtic pattern one, but oh well, it is too late.  Maybe for the next friend’s baby.

I made some progress on my other projects, the hat for Nick’s Aunt is about 75% done, I hope to finish it by Wednesday.  I was able to warp the loom on SAturday for the baby blanket and wove about 8 inches of fabric.  But alas, Sunday I spent working on the hat, so didn’t get any more accomplished.  His aunt has already lost her hair, so I’d really like to get that mailed off this week. 

The boys were stuck inside all weekend.  But at least they had frosty paws to enjoy.

 Here’s the rundown of projects:

  1. Mom’s Tablecloth
  2. Double-Knit Baby Afghan (which is turning out the size of a normal afghan)
  3. Bibs for Co-Worker Bambino
  4. 1 Chemo Caps for Nick’s Aunt
  5. Woven Baby Blanket for Co-Worker
  6. Woven Log-Cabin Table Ensemble
  7. Tulip Mittens
  8. Irish Diamond Shawl

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One Response to Method Monday – Double-Knitting

  1. Carrie#K says:

    I was distracted by M’Lou’s projects. Sweet!

    The celtic dk is going to be adorable.

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