Tuesday Two’s

Is it apostraphe s, or just s.  Sometimes I just can’t remember proper punctuation.

I love mittens.  Love them.  They can be intricately designed, simple, every mitten has a place in my life.  Although I don’t have many mittens, just my favorite pair I wear daily (in winter) and they never seem to wear out.  They were made from a very sturdy fingering weight yarn, and they are lovely.  Although this year they did develope a hole on one thumb that I need to darn.

Today’s mitten project is from Janna.  They are her Sidecar Mittens.  I really love how simple and practical they are, but yet just a touch of fancy to make them feel special.  And I really love how they have a tighter cuff underneath the fancy stuff, which I think would make them especially warm in the cold Iowa air. 

Must have more Frosty Paws!

Unfortunately it is way to hot here to wear mittens.  Today we are hitting 98 again with a heat index well over 100.  We went from a mild, nearly cold spring, to intense heat once again.  I only hope that with this insane weather, we’ll have 50 degree weather in July.  Wouldn’t that be perfect! 

At least this weather is a perfect reason to stay inside and knit.  I’m nearly finished with the chemo cap, which is good I can get that in the mail and move on to the bibs for the co-worker.


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