Knitting is the Cure to Car Problems

97 degrees outside, felt like 135.  Hot parking garage.  Hotter car.  Dead car.  Pop the hood.  Fiddle with Battery.  Still dead.  Ask attorney if he has any tools in his car.  Stupid question.  Call husband.  Fiddle with the battery.  Another professional person of some sort – I don’t work with him – he’s probably an attorney – has jumper cables.  Still dead.  Thanked nice man.  Called husband.  Knit.  All is right in the world.  Knit.  It doesn’t matter the car is dead.  Husband arrives.  Fiddles with battery.  Gets out jumper cables.  Still dead.  Wait.  Knit.  Car starts!  Drive home.  Try to start car.  Car dead.  Drove jeep to work today.

Thank goodness for knitting.

Thursday Threads is brought to you today by Angel.  I love doilies. I just do.  There is no explanation.  Angel likes them too and she crochets them.  I wish I could crochet doilies, but I’m happy knitting them.  She crocheted this Mesh Pineapple Doily and I really love it.  I can’t explain why.  Maybe it is the old lady in me.

I finished the chemo cap for Nick’s aunt.  I will wash it this weekend and get it mailed to her Monday.  And I started the first bib.  I plan to knit 7.  They are quick at least.

  1. Mom’s Tablecloth
  2. Double-Knit Baby Afghan (which is turning out the size of a normal afghan)
  3. Bibs for Co-Worker Bambino (0 of 7 finished)
  4. 1 Chemo Caps for Nick’s Aunt
  5. Woven Baby Blanket for Co-Worker
  6. Woven Log-Cabin Table Ensemble
  7. Tulip Mittens
  8. Irish Diamond Shawl

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2 Responses to Knitting is the Cure to Car Problems

  1. Chris says:

    That chemo hat is lovely – I’m sure she’ll adore it.
    Weird about the car!

  2. Carrie#K says:

    The chemo hat is nice.

    Cars. They’re so annoying. At least there was knitting.

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