I-Cord Edging

I am probably late to this game, as I typically am, but these bibs I’ve been making have an I-cord tie and then edging for the neck area. I must admit I’m enthralled, it makes a rather nice edging.  So I did a quick search on the internet to see what resources are out there.  Here is what I found:

I do drool a lot, but this is ridiculous.

          Part of the fun in making these bibs has been the torturing of Abner and Django.  In fine bib torture I feel, because after all


        likes to persecute Chaos. But they wouldn’t stick around for much, and quickly ran away when they saw me coming.  Oh well, I was able to snap these shots.

AFter this weekend, here is my project update run-down, I made good progress on the bibs completeing 5 of them, just two more and I’ll be done. 

  1. Mom’s Tablecloth
  2. Double-Knit Baby Afghan (which is turning out the size of a normal afghan)
  3. Bibs for Co-Worker Bambino (5 of 7 finished)
  4. 1 Chemo Caps for Nick’s Aunt
  5. Woven Baby Blanket for Co-Worker
  6. Woven Log-Cabin Table Ensemble
  7. Tulip Mittens
  8. Irish Diamond Shawl

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4 Responses to I-Cord Edging

  1. Chris says:

    LOL about them running away! They learn quickly, don’t they?! 😀 Cute bibs, though!

    If you ever get the chance to watch the Knitting Glossary (Elizabeth Zimmermann) video/dvd, there’s a great section on some different types of i-cord, such as i-cord belt (makes a great bag handle).

  2. Lynn says:

    Very cute bibs!!!! I so enjoy watching Chaos wearing them, even if he didn’t! LOL Thanks for stopping by! I truly understand your crazy life. We’ve had something similar here. We started renovations on the house which never got finished due to work loss and dh health issues. thankfully the health issues were not life threatening! I’m sorry to hear abt your DH, how is he doing? I’ve had melanoma, but thankfully we got it while it was still in the early stages, still in the skin layers so it just needed to be removed. Life does have a way of showing us how strong we really are, huh. And I think that’s why we knit!!! LOL

  3. Mr. Puffy says:

    Love your bibs!!! I think the next baby gift I make is going to be a polka dot bib 🙂 I’m a huge fan of an I-cord edging. Shawls sometimes use them as the bind-off edge and I’m currently knitting a shawl (Grade) that has the I-cord as the edging all around.

  4. Carrie#K says:

    The only I-cord I can’t quite get is the I-cord cast on. It’s a bit gappy between the I-cord and the stitch but I could just be unbearably picky.

    Cute bib & pup pics! I really liked your 4 store yarn review. I hope I never visit the Loopy Ewe, I’d probably spend my last dollar.

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