The Wise Old Owl

My Grandparent's Backyard

I have always loved Owls.  The fact that they can turn their heads nearly completely around, look at you with those big beautiful eyes, and the fact that they like Tootsie Pops.  My grandmother had a thing for owls, and for years a beautiful owl picture hung over their couch in the living room of the Laurel, Florida home.  They used to get Barred Owls that lived in the little wooded area behind their home (if you follow that link, the picture there looks like the painting my grandmother had).  Owls definitely look incredibly wise.

I was searching around Ravelry for today’s Tuesday Two featured project, and found these lovely Owl Mittens from Kelly.  It just reminded me of that picture, well actually that and my mom and I for some reason were talking about it this morning, and figured it was a perfect project feature for today.

Keep the trees out of my kennel -- look at me, I mean business!

In other news a huge limb fell on my house last night.  No damage.  Except it was periously hanging over Abner and Django’s kennel.  So Nick had to stay home to take care of it, because had it fallen on the kennel no doubt Django would be gone, because he’d take off on a doggy adventure and forget to come home.


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