Thursday Threads

Today’s highlighted project is by Janna, Pea Vines.  I am not familiar with this pattern, but as soon as I saw it on her project page I fell in love. 

When I was little my mom always had a huge garden in the first house I truly remember living in, and one of the things I looked forward to most in harvesting were Sugar Snap Peas.  Of course I think I probably ate more than I actually picked for the family consumption.  They were so sweet and yummy, and I think it is the first vegetable I really truly loved to eat.  I wish I had time to garden, when we first moved into our house we put a garden in for several years but during that time I was working part-time, and now as a full-time plus person, time is a luxury I don’t seem to have. 

Current Project List:

    1. Tablecloth for Mom
    2. Celtic Afghan for Shannon’s Bambino
    3. Swirl Shawl for me me me
    4. The Third’s Blanket (weaving)
    5. Log Cabin Table Ensenble (weaving)
    6. Irish Diamond Shawl (in a basket waiting to be worked on again)
    7. Tulip Mittens (waffling on who these are for)

I can't help it I'm a fur ball

    I will be so happy when Django quits blowing his coat! There is fur in absolutely every corner, nook and cranny of my house, and in my lungs.


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2 Responses to Thursday Threads

  1. Kelly says:

    oh our two are shedding like crazy donkey’s at the minute. I just keep catching sight of more and more fur balls rolling along the floor. When will it end!!

  2. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- Did you know that Lab’s are the worst for shedding hair? Is Django part labrador?

    I just purchased that pattern, it’s great.

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