Friday Fun – Dr. Who I love You!

I love Dr. Who.  Yep, it is true, and I’m announcing it to everyone, I love Dr. Who.  I started watching Dr. Who when I was pretty little, because my older brother would watch it on PBS after mom and dad had gone to sleep.  The doctor I remember most from those early days was Tom Baker.  Maybe it was his scraf that eventually drew me to knitting, one will never truly know.  My husband enjoys Dr. Who as well, and through Netflix we’ve watched many different doctors, and now we own quite a few of the DVD’s I must admit.  I’m anxiously awaiting the next season with the new doctor, he wasn’t my favorite but he really grew on me quickly, and I love his bowtie, “bowties are cool.”  My dad would agree with that. 

So for Friday Fun I bring you one of my favorite projects, from one of my favorite knitters.  Exterminate by Lorraine.  In fact I think it is going to my next on the needle at work project when I finish my tulip mittens.  I have a remote controlled Dalek after all, I think I NEED this hat.  And best of all, its a free pattern.  So you should all cast on for your favorite Dr. Who fan.

why you looking at me?

This weekend is going to be full, we have to get tires for the car, and I really really need to finish weaving the baby blanket so I can get the log-cabin project warped.  I also need to hem the log-cabin stuff I have done so that I can wash it and see how much it shrinks.  Why is there never enough time for our crafts?



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9 Responses to Friday Fun – Dr. Who I love You!

  1. Chris says:

    Oh, that will be a fun knit! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Kelly says:

    I remember watching the doctor in black and white at my neighbours house. Dr. Who seemed less cheesy then I find.

  3. Catching up on blog reading. Love the look – the bird, the dogs and the blog itself.

  4. Lorraine says:

    Rebekah- Tom Baker was the ultimate Dr.

    FC was the inspiration for that hat. I made him a Star Wars one, and he asked if I could do Daleks. He gets alot of stares on the subway- but thanks for mentioning the pattern.

  5. Carrie#K says:

    I like Dr Who too but I haven’t seen the latest incarnation. It’ll always be Christopher Eccleston to me, I watched Tom Baker’s Dr Who with my brother occasionally but I didn’t get into it until CE. After his role in Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett, I was really, really curious to see how he’d be and he was just so joyous! It surprised me.

  6. Looking forward to seeing the warp of the log cabin project. And the weft, too 😉
    Have never seen Dr. Who.

  7. Lifesastitch says:

    Yes this is my third comment on this post….hoping all is well in Rebekahland.

  8. Charlene Heath says:

    Are you still blogging? The last listed was 4/11. Lt me know.

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