There are many illusions in life, for instance I look in the mirror and I see a super young, super thin human being. But the reality is, I’m not so young any more and I’m definitely not thin. But there’s an illusion I’m in love with and that’s illusion knitting. Steve Plummer is a genius at illusion knitting. I have made two of his designs, the Dalek and Baby Tux and I’m currently working on Mona Lisa. They are truly interesting things to knit, but so simple. I’ve been dealing with some health issues, nothing major, nothing that’ll kill me, but I deal with a fair amount of pain on a daily basis and its made my thoughts a little jumbled and my brain a little addled. So while I still love the complex designs of Herbert Niebling and enjoy the challenge of a good piece of lace, often I just need something that is simple plain old knit and purl and illusion knitting fits the needs of that challenge quite well.

The blanket below is Baby Tux. I knit it for a friend who was expecting her 4th surprise baby. It is, I’m told, well loved and well used.

revised penguin blanketI unfortunately do not have my sister’s skills at photo-shopping pictures, I was trying to remove the dog fur from the background in this picture. But you can at least see the illusion. Looking straight on the blanket looks like this:

penguin revised 2


The dogs are doing very well, as is Basil. Here is a picture of them in their favorite pastime, sleeping on the bed, and refusing to move so it can be made.

IMG_0778So until another day, try some illusion knitting and give your pets a snuggle for me.




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