The Secret to My Success

Well the secret to my success as a knitter. Often when someone sees my work they exclaim, “Oh I could never do that,” and I exclaim yes you could, its really very simple. They of course think I’m being modest, but I’m not, it is really very simple. Knitting is two stitches, knit and purl, once you’ve mastered those the world is your oyster. Well the world of knitting anyway. But there is a secret, and I’ll share it with you. Stitch Markers. They are the secret to success in knitting. I use them to mark pattern repeats, places to decrease, increase, beginning of a round. Maybe I use them to excess, but I don’t think so.

There are all types of stitch markers, my absolute favorites though are Boye Stitch markers. I like that they can be removed at any point because they have a clasp. I really liked the older ones better, they were a harder plastic and stayed where you put them, the newer ones are a softer plastic and so they scrunch when you squeeze them. So occasionally the clasp will open, but I typically see that when it happens and its easy to close them back up. I like that they come in different colors as well, I will often use a specific color to show corners, or the beginning of my round, etc.

There are also lots and lots of other styles of stitch markers, fancy ones, practical ones, or you can make your own out of a strand of yarn. I’m not a huge fan of the homemade stitch markers as I find that their loops often get caught on my yarns, or tangled. But I do love looking at them.

So if you must know, I’m not a genius, I’m not particularly talented, but I know how to use my tools to make me look like I am.

In March 2012 my nephew got married. Its hard to believe he’s old enough to be a married man, but alas he is (although in my defense I was only 14 when he was born). My family is quirky, thank goodness, and so I knit him and his bride to be a wedding cake. Yep, I knit a wedding cake. The pattern is by Alan Dart and when I was looking for something to make, I remembered it and thought it might just be the perfect quirky gift. And if it wasn’t, well I had fun making it just the same. I had troubles with overstuffing and understuffing, etc. But all in all I was happy how it turned out.

WEdding Cake


And here’s the real bride and groom.

Paul and Vicki


Oh wait, that was their Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy versions of themselves.

paul and vickiThey look so nervous, my nephew is also way older than he looks in this, my family ages well, which is great when your 40, but when your 25 and you look like your 15 it can be embarrassing.



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