Have you ever noticed……

……that no matter how large your yarn stash is (and mine is huge); or how many pairs, sets, types of needles you have; or how many knitting books or patterns you have access to; its never the right combination of all three for a particular project and thus you have to purchase more yarn, a different set of needles, or a new book for that perfect project. I am pretty sure its a conspiracy between the vendors of these products, its the only thing that makes sense. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched for hours looking for a pair of needles I knew I had somewhere, or that yarn I was sure existed in my stash, only to end up at the nearest yarn supplier purchasing one or the other, and sometimes both.

Ravelry sure doesn’t help in this process, all those tempting patterns taunting me, saying knit me, even though you have 1,800 other projects waiting patiently in line to be knit up.

Alas, I succumb on the conspiracy and embrace it, I mean someone has to keep them in business.

A couple of months back I needed a graduation present for my youngest cousin, who graduated high school an entire year early, she’s a very dedicated young woman. I found the perfect pattern, it was free, and while I had some of the perfect yarn in my stash, I didn’t have quite enough, and then I decided the purple wasn’t purple enough and made her a second one (which in the end was also not purple enough). I made her the Kansas City Cowl by Kim Guzman. Like many several in my family don’t like wool because they think its too itchy (I know, I know, I keep telling them they just haven’t worn good wool) so I used yarn from Michael’s and yes, its Red Heart (don’t fall over in shock) Boutique Treasure. for a more inexpensive yarn, it was quite nice really. And the end product was very cute, of course it doesn’t hurt to have a cute model. I may have to make this pattern for myself, I think it’d look great over a turtleneck for winter.



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One Response to Have you ever noticed……

  1. lorraine says:

    Rebekah- Not only have I noticed, I have succumbed to the midnight online purchase many more times than I wish to admit.

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