First There Was Helga, Now Meet Anoria!

Someone needs to stop my husband. Really. Seriously. But please don’t!  He went back to that same antique mall today, and he sent me a picture of Anoria. $87. How could I resist! Well you just can’t. I mean, its impossible. And she’s in really nice shape, complete for the most part. the tag said she was from the 1890s. He thinks the tag is wrong, she’s definitely not that old. I concur.  So without further discussion, please welcome Anoria.

anoriaI can’t wait to meet her in person. I have some serious spinning to do now! Although my Ashford needs a new drive belt, I think I’ll have Nick make me one this weekend. My old one has gotten stretched out. But I have some cotton I can use to make a new one. And well Anoria looks like she’ll need a drive belt herself.

To show you how small Helga is, here’s a picture of her on the piano bench. She’s only 22″ x 22″. She’s seriously tiny.

helgaSo that’s my exciting day, two wheels in two days. I’m giddy with excitement. You can probably hear me squealing across the entire country.

Hmm… what should I spin up first? I have plenty of roving, that’s for sure. I need to knit with the yarn I’ve made, maybe that’ll encourage me to spin spin spin.




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