Look Ma I’m Crocheting…Maybe that should be Look Sis

My mother is not a crafty person. In fact I think if you put a crochet hook, a pair of knitting needles, or a sewing machine in her hands she’d use them as weapons. Well, maybe as kitchen tools. Apparently she sewed when she was first married, there are some matching outfits of her and my big sister. However she didn’t keep it up.

My sister on the other hand. Amazing. She crochets, she draws the most adorable characters, she’s a graphic artist, she is a true creator. She also knits, her daughter and I taught her. She has this ability to just see a skein of yarn and see the end object whether its a toy or a garment. She makes the most adorable crocheted characters. I envy that ability. I have to have a pattern, I have no artistic vision. I’ve only ever changed a pattern once successfully, and have only created one thing completely on my own the blanket I made for my cousin.

So I follow patterns. I live by patterns (as yesterday’s post discussed) but I’ve always been a little annoyed at myself that I couldn’t read or follow a crochet pattern. So I determined that I would finally figure it out. Yesterday at lunch I found several crochet blanket patterns I liked, I have so much scraps and partial skeins of yarn I wanted a project that would help use those up. And since I really could use some washable, abusable blankets, it was time to learn to follow a crochet pattern. So I choose to start Graphic Granny Afghan. The last round of the hexagon took me a bit to figure out, and I’m still not entirely sure I’m doing it right. But today possibly in the silence of the conference room at lunch, I can figure it out.  Now to pick out my next crochet project. Actually I think it’ll be another granny square blanket. But I have several in my queue to choose from.



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