Nothing is Ever Simple

So I’m glad in life I have knitting and well now crocheting because yarn, needles, a hook, its life at its purest. At work no matter how well I think I have planned things out, something always goes wrong, even on the simplest task. It seems as of late, no one is every happy, no one is ever content. Demanding is the world we live in.

So when these things frustrate me, i just turn to my yarn, needles, and now hook. And I know that in the few moments stolen away from the crazy that I can make a stitch, life returns to simple.

In addition, I seem to get annoyed rather easily these days. For instance I sit near a person that constantly munches on things and the noise is driving me literally insane. So now I have to sit with headphones and Pandora playing all day in order to cope. I can’t handle the chewing noises non-stop, 5 days a week, 40 hours a week. I. am. going. stark. raving. lunatic. mad.

So I turn to my yarn. Just having a basket of it near me is calming. Well that and my desk sheep.

2013-08-26 11.30.05_resized_1


That and the daily reminder of my silly dogs.

Django sleepy


So I hope you find some time today for the simple things in life, some knitting, some crocheting, some spinning, some weaving, something with yarn!


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One Response to Nothing is Ever Simple

  1. monica says:

    We just moved our office to a different building and our work spaces are smaller. Walls are lower. More people packed into a smaller space. One of my coworkers brings food to munch on all day. He gnaws on carrots and spinach — much like a horse. So I have my headphones on at a really deafening level. Ah the joys of cubicle life.

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