What is Time? Its an illusion. There is too much. There is too little. Its also the name of one of the songs I love from one of my favorite groups, Elephant Revival. Although I am rather annoyed with them that they haven’t come back to St. Louis in way too many months!


My biggest problem with time is that I’ll never have enough to knit (or crochet) all the different patterns I want. Each pattern is a quantity of time, and at the rate I’m queuing patters on Ravelry I will need to work non-stop until I’m 176 years old.

Speaking of patterns I want to make I think I just found possibly my first non-blanket crochet pattern I want to make, its a cute shark pencil case. I’m not sure I can accomplish it, but I’ll never know if I don’t try.

I of course currently have two crochet blanket projects in the works. Knitting I have a purse for me, an illusion blanket on the needles, two shawls, and I really want to start knitting my winter coat. Of course all of this desire to do nothing but crafting comes at a time when there is little to no time for crafting. I have many personal commitments coming up and work has just turned into a war zone. The good news is I’ll probably have lots of overtime which will relieve some financial stress, the bad news is I will not be finishing or even making progress on my current projects. But I always manage to steal a minute or two and keep yarn in close contact at all times so for the moments in which I’m about to go bonkers and implode, I can calm myself down.

Maybe I should knit or crochet myself a clock! Then I’ll always have knit time.

Current blanket I’m crocheting at home is looking like this. I don’t like the square with the popcorns, but I think its because I just haven’t gotten used to crocheting them yet.


And to catch everyone up on what I was doing during my blogging break I share this blanket I knit this spring for a co-worker. I absolutely love how it turned out, and she loves it too, which is just frosting on the cake, or sour-cream on the enchilada.

IMG_0873It also didn’t hurt that we had a big snow storm which was the perfect backdrop for this blanket. Its the Flower Petal baby blanket by Anne Haas. I actually made two of these, this being the second, and I love, love, love how it turned out. Its also featured on the pattern page on Ravelry which is always a big ego boost!


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